The Vampire Diaries Episode Description: "Our Town"

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We're inching closer and closer to the return of The Vampire Diaries.

This TV Fanatic favorite will finally air a new episode next Thursday night, January 5. It will be titled "The New Deal" and it will focus on a surprise for Klaus, as well as a new love interest for Alaric.

A week later, fans will be treated to Caroline's 18th birthday party, as detailed in the following, official CW synopsis for "Our Town."

Although Caroline is in no mood to celebrate her 18th birthday, Elena, Bonnie and Matt surprise her with a small party in an unusual location. Damon and Stefan disagree on the best way to handle Klaus, and a reckless Stefan decides to test his theory by taking things to dangerous extremes. Bonnie is concerned when Elena tells her about Jeremy’s new plans.

At a Founder’s meeting, Alaric once again runs into Dr. Fell who is in the middle of an argument with her ex-boyfriend, the medical examiner. Tyler refuses to go along with Klaus’ latest demand, and is surprised when Klaus seems to accept his decision.

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Hi,i really liked this story and i took 4 days to read it in 22 hours in a day i like it so much i thnks the autohor who wrote it it is really perfect story lily u can find it on youtube or read it free on google i buy the book from saudi arabian the 7 chapters it is great:)


I'm down for Stefan and Caroline, always loved them!!!


Thank god some of you people don't write for the show! The whole show would be love triangles! Please people love triangles aren't good foundations for a good mature relationship. Then Caroline with Klaus omg! If that ever happened this show would have totally jumped the shark! We might as well pack it in. Lol


LOVE KLAUS. PLEASE don't kill him, any chance you can get him together with Caroline? She could totally straighten him out. KLAROLINE forever xx (P.S Can't wait to see more DELENA!)


TV and the book r diff so lets forget Stef and Elena and writers create the new super couple in Stefan and Caroline. Hybrid Tyler and Stefan mixing it up over Caroline.Bored with the brother Elena menage.Lets have a happy in love Stefan.Need to see him smile again


please I really need all mikeal's speeches to klaus can some one please send it to my mail box please..... Especially his final words to klaus


Here's hoping I get Elijah and Rebekah back, Delena gets even close and Caroline stays a baddazz


I hope they bring Elijah back really soon. And the casting on the Vampire Diaries has been great so far. We should see more humans, almost everyone is a werewolf, hybrid, vampire or with. Also we need to see more witches.


@marionluigi1996 someone's leaving MFs. But it hasn't been confirmed who. I doubt it's Tyler because he's got a SL that last through the whole season. It's most likely Jeremy or Matt who really don't have much of a SL. But then again they've said were going to kill a main character and they kill Jenna who was a recurring character and John who was a guest character. So you never know it could be Liz, Katherine or Carol as well that leave.


so its confirmed that its tyler that leaves mystic falls? right?

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