Welcome to Mystic Falls, Torrey DeVitto

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Mrs. Paul Wesley is on her way to Mystic Falls.

When The Vampire Diaries returns next month, one of the new faces in town will be a familiar face to this series star, as Wesley's real-life wife, Torrey DeVitto, debuts as Dr. Fell, someone who is "intrigued by Alaric," DeVitto tells TV Guide. For what reason? 

"Because he recuperated miraculously from what seemed like a fatal injury, and that sparks an attraction between them."

Torrey DeVitto on The Vampire Diaries

DeVitto is also well known to ABC Family viewers: she plays Melissa on Pretty Little Liars, another drama that kicks off new episodes the first week of January and which will be revealing a MAJOR secret before the season is over.

Look for the actress to appear on at least four episodes of The Vampire Diaries.


I wonder if it will be weird for Paul Wesley, (AKA Stefan) on the show to not only have his wife on the show everyday but to have her being a love interest for someone else on the show? I mean what if one of them has to do a love scene in front of their spouse with someone else, wouldn't that be weird for any couple to handle?


i don't like that torrey is on the show.




Ummm...their kids will have a seriously sexy jawline. LOL


She's hott


it's nannie carrie from one tree hill! finally, alaric needed someone to love after isobelle and jenna ... welcome to the fun, fabulous cast, can't wait to see new episodes!


interesting....so Paul's wife is considered to be age appropriate for Alaric? The grown up for TVD?! And Paul's supposed to be a teenager on the show...Paul? Are the director/producers of TVD trying to tell you something???

Leigh r

seriously gorgeous couple!


They can carpool now!


Wow I didn't know Paul Wesleys girl was a sexy Italian! Exotic and spicy.....hate him even more

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