Body of Proof Review: Brides, Botox, & Black Eyes

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We all feel second best some of the time, but self doubt ran rampant on the latest Body of Proof, as "Falling for You" highlighted almost everyone's insecurities.

The bride, the groom, and the black eye. I couldn't help but feel for Melissa. She struggled with so many self image issues that she had a nose job, botox, a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and liposuction. I'm sure no one from high school would ever have recognized this girl. 

She also had lousy taste in friends. Her best friend slipped her aspirin after her botox treatments to give her a black eye on her wedding day. Talk about catty! And it was all done to exact revenge over a guy. Some friend.

And even the guy wasn't worth it. He was the groom who accidentally shoved her over the balcony when she tried to call off the wedding. 

I'm a fan of actor Brendan Hines. I liked him as Eli on Lie to Me and thought he was adorable in his guest stint on Castle so I was a little heartbroken when Marc was revealed as the killer. Thanks to his baby face, he even had me believing it was an accident.

Body of Proof Autopsy

Ethan, Dani, and Peter. Why is it that the longer this triangle continues, the less I like Peter?

Ethan finally asked Dani out only to learn it was too little too late. At least she was honest with him. She told him she had a date on Friday night with someone else and asked if they could reschedule for Sunday afternoon. Ethan didn't miss the friend status implied in a Sunday matinee.

The person who baffled me in all of this was Peter. He was oblivious to Ethan's crush on Dani. Apparently his investigative skills weren't working in his personal life. Then, once he found out Ethan was interested, he suddenly seemed to want more than a casual fling... when days earlier he was blowing the girl off to go out with his buddies.

So was Peter developing real feelings for Dani or was it more of a territorial thing? Either way, the one thing I was certain of was that the more I saw of Dani and Peter, the more I was rooting for her and Ethan.

Curtis. Oh poor Curtis. I know how loud the call of the chocolate cake can be. It was a little heartbreaking to hear how the jovial big man didn't feel good enough. However, it was a nice moment when Ethan tried to show him that he wasn't alone.

Megan and Lacey. I couldn't fault Lacey's storyline in this episode as it mirrored the murder victim's. What girl doesn't recall being 13? You look in the mirror and see everything wrong with you and you never feel cool enough to fit in. 

Lacey's rebellion with the hair color felt realistic. I remember more than one friend who did it. Lacey was just lucky her highlights didn't turn out orange.

Even Megan had her moments uncertainty in this episode. Her father's suicide will always haunt her and the lack of answers drove her to search for the reason for Melissa's supposed suicide. Only in this case, the answer wasn't suicide at all.

In the end, I was happy to see Megan and Lacey's mother daughter moments and I enjoyed Ethan and Curtis' bonding time, but Dani and Peter's kiss simply made me hope that their affair is short lived. Am I the only one?


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For those of you who feel kind of sorry for Ethan's crush on Dani not being reciprocated, try to remember who the actor playing Ethan - Geoffrey Arend -is married to off-screen. His wife is the beautiful and quite voluptuous Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. I'd Geoffrey is a very lucky guy!


Wondering who played the mother of the victim? She does not seem to be credited. She reminds me of a show I use to watch, but can't recall the show or her character.


I so agree about Peter. What happened to that gorgeous twin who was interested in Ethan? She really got him and was much better chemistry wise.
I also wondered about all the unwrapped ends?
My sweetheart and I both work with a lot of HIPPA type stuff so we like to yell it out when they cross the confidentiality line.
Love the show because I enjoy the entertainment so please don't let them start being cheap with quality it in. Love Curtis.


The show is starting to grow on me more and more. But Peter and Dani have no chemistry at all,matter of fact Peter is boring. Just love Curtis and Ethan they are so much fun to watch. Matter of fact thats why I turn the show on!


Seems the writers can't find the way with romance on this show. Hope they let it go for a while, and since it seems they are going to go around for a while before Megan gets with someone, hope we find out wether is with an old flame, Peter, or whoever, before the show gets canned.


I actually get a bit of a "creepy old man" vibe when Peter is with Dani... no idea why as the actor is only 38 (to her 26) but when they were kissing on the balcony and his hands went around her waist I thought, "ick". Not the vibe the writers/ actors are going for I am sure...


Once again Curtis said "Macadangdang". I hope that since Curtis' own insecurities were briefly touched upon this ep we get an ep in which the storyline revolves more around him and Ethan. I'm still undecided when it comes to Dani. I don't know if she's a game player or simply oblivious to the signals she's sending. As SUE ANN said, "She just bothers me". There's still hope for Ethan finding the girl of his dreams. Consider Chuck Bartowski. He was an electronics store clerk and found his dream girl. Ethan is a doctor!


The beauty and comfort of the morgue makes the show more palatable. No one seems affected by bad smells or nasty discharges and dresses for dinner out instead of a day inside a dead body. Moira Isles (Rizzoli and Isles) is another offender whose long hair compromises the physical evidence. Since the days of Jack Klugman and "Quincy" coroners have been glamorized and highly involved in police work. For a more realistic look check out Dr. Morales (Jonathan Del Arco) on The Closer. You have to accept the general premise that beautiful people dissect dead bodies and go from there. I don't like the way Dana Delaney has chosen to play her character. I know she has an overbearing mother and a father who committed suicide, but her supercilious attitude gets on my nerves. The supporting characters, particularly Ethan and Curtis, are more fun to watch.


I prefer Peter with Meagan, I hope the writers go there, infact I hope they are the end game


Ethan referred to one of his teachers in medical school, Dr. Giorgi, and her comment, "It's not what you're eating, it's what eating you." Does anyone know who wrote this episode? I'm asking because I used to know a Dr. Elsie Giorgi and wonder if the writer or medical adviser was one of her students. She taught, many years ago, at USC and was a wonderful person.

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