Christopher Heyerdahl to Ancient Vampire on True Blood

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Get your fangs back out, Christopher Heyerdahl. You'll need them this this summer.

The actor - most recently seen on Hell on Wheels as The Swede, but also known to many for his role as Marcus from The Twilight Saga - will recur on season five of True Blood as an ancient vampire named Dieter Braun.

Christopher Heyerdahl on Hell on Wheels

According to Deadline, the character is connected to the Authority and has a fondness for enhanced interrogation.

Christopher Meloni of course, has been named a series regular on the HBO smash and many believe that long-time SVU star will be portraying the Authority himself.


Now that I remember he was Alistair in SPN, that guy has a scary voice.
"Kuck dir den Dieter an, der hat sogar ein Auto" :)


LOVED Christopher on Supernatural! He was the best Alistair (sp?)


Dieter Braun? German vampire? FUCK YES.


F*** the Authority ! :-D


Can't wait for Meloni to get involved. He's a fab actor, capable of huge depth and real connection with the audience. Just hope he gets a decent storyine to work with.

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