Desperate Housewives Death Pool: Who Will Be Killed Off?

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As we all know, no one is ever truly safe in Fairview. The residents may as well be playing Russian roulette. Now, word on Wisteria Lane is that a MAJOR character is going to be killed off in March.

Murders, suicides, natural disasters, accidents, and even death by a candlestick... we've seen it all. (And sometimes even repeatedly. Seriously, how many people have been run over? I've lost count.)

With the show on hiatus until February 12, let's discuss who the unfortunate corpse might be. I've listed a few candidates, along with odds of their last breath being taken this spring, below...

Fab Wisteria 5

Mrs. McCluskey: She's been on the Lane since the beginning and knows a little too much for her own good. Whether it’s because of an illness or she’s simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, her death would equally affect each of the original cast members tremendously.
Odds: 3-1

Carlos: His death would wrap up the Alejandro murder storyline. We’ve hardly seen Carlos this season due to his immense guilt over what happened just last summer. Could he be slipping further away and drowning in alcohol to the extent that he’d take his own life? If so, it’d be a shame but also nothing new to Wisteria Lane.
Odds: 4-1

Mike: I’d hate to see Mike go, but he could have possibly crossed the line with that MOB-like man when trying to help out Ben. Seriously, what was he thinking? Will Mike pay the price when Ben can’t pay off his debt? For the sake of Susan and MJ, I hope not!
Odds: 10-1

Renee: Like Mike, Renee has Ben to thank for her spot on this list. The mafia dude knows about her millions from her divorce and isn’t afraid to get her involved. Aside from this factor, Renee has never had much of a storyline since she came onboard. She’d be missed, but for the sake of storytelling, not so much.
Odds: 20-1

Tom: Could Lynette handle even more distress? It would be a tragedy if something happened to Tom, but Lynette is a fighter. They’ve been separated all season long, and we’ve seen Lynette at her worst and best. If Tom was the chosen one, it’d be terribly sad; however, it’d be quite a story for Lynette.
Odds: 100-1

One of the Core Four (Bree, Gaby, Lynette or Susan): As much as I'd love an explosive shocker, I just don't think it will be one of the original Wisteria women to bite the bullet. It'd be far too cruel, and I want to believe that they will all be there as we bid farewell to Fairview in May. That’s just the way it has to be.
Odds: 150,000,000-1

Your turn, TV Fanatics: Who do you think won't make it to the finale?

Tracy lloyd micks heiba

According to Entertainment Weekly, testimony also revealed that Denton's character on the show, Mike Delfino, will get the ax on Sunday's episode of "Desperate Housewives." There's our answer... :(


According to this site it's one of the husbands. And if I read the spoilers of the following episodes it has to be Tom


its mike who dies :( :( :(
he is shot and killed, at his funeral, bree gets arrested :(
didnt want them to kill mike off....but...its the last season so we aint seein the characters anymore i suppose? :(


and also the pictures of Lynette, Penny and Jane spending time all together at the party sound me that might be Tom to die


I don't think DH writers want both Susan's husbands be dead... so I go with Tom but I harder prefer McKlusky because of her illness.


Going from what i read on another spoiler website,it said that it would be one of the husbands that get killed off, either tom, mike, or Carlos and so as carlos and mike have been mentioned in future episode story lines, it will proberly be tom-
I hope its not as i really want to see Lynette and tom get back together again.

Tracy lloyd micks heiba

I'm thinking it's RENEE. It already showed her and Mike picking up pieces of broken stuff at the very end (at least I think that was Mike with her!) so I think maybe that mobster guy will kill her off!
Another reason I think it might be her is A) Mrs. Mcklusky is too obvious and B)I think they'll keep the main 4 core until the end!
Oh and C) Tom is on vacation with the kids so that doesn't seem likely but who knows........ !!


It's been revealed that Tom is the one who dies.


Must go.....


scenerio-Orson mailed pics to police-police go to carlos-The little girl gets scared-Carlo gives up or saves his daughter -he gets shot-or Mike gets shot by mob and his secrets come out or some thing happens to Tom jealous new girlfriend ex husband

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