Desperate Housewives Spoiler: Major Death to Come!

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Desperate Housewives is sort of limping to the finish line these days, as detailed in our review of Sunday's "What's the Good of Being Good?"

But it looks like ABC is about to seriously raise the stakes on the drama, as Entertainment Weekly reports, quite simply: a MAJOR character will be killed off in March.

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That is the extent of the scoop, unfortunately, as the magazine just says the cast members were informed of the death this week and that the character in question will NOT be included on the May finale.

So, have at it, Wisteria Lane lovers: Who do you think it will be?

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They should all be in a car with felicity driving, Marcia lounging in the back, terri with her legs hanging out the window and gaby is asleep and they go over a cliff, like Marcia said in her interview


It cannot be Carlos, Bree, or Gabrielle as they feature in the last episode so I think that it will be Tom Scavo, as Jane and Lynette seem to be good friends.


I don't think DH writers want both Susan's husbands be dead... so I go with Tom but I harder prefer McKlusky because of her illness.... and also the pictures of Lynette, Penny and Jane spending time all together at the party sound me that the one might be Tom... hope not!!!


I think it will be Orson - he has something on his mind.. and I think he is no good for bree. He's only for revange here...


If you read the spoilers on the web, most say it's definitely one of the vote is going to go with Carlos...he will take the full wrap for the murder posthumously and in the reports of the flashback episode, his mother appears so it sounds like it could be Gaby remembering when they met or early life together...also, the title of the episode refers to the conversation about taking one another for granted that Gaby and Carlos had in episode 15 of the season...the gun shooter is definitely the loan shark as you can see the leather jacket and the black sedan in the preview..


I think the loan shark is going to do a drive-by and hit Julie coming out of her Moms house. She dies but baby survives.


I think the loan shark does a drive by and hits Julie coming out of a house and she dies but the baby survives.


It will be Farnsworth who dies. He has been the focus of the show since it started!


It could be Mike. The spoilers say that Susan suspects Mike had an affair in the past, which she could discover whilst sorting through his things after his death. Plus there's a leaked scene of him being attacked by the loan shark. However, it's a pretty obvious conclusion. I don't think it's Tom since he and Lynette are rumoured to get back together. I don't think it's Carlos as Gaby starts work as a personal shopper after the death-episode, which she wouldn't do if she was grieving. So we're left with MJ and Porter. Nobody needs a motive to kill them. The loan shark could accidentally hit MJ or Porter. MJ would be a meaningless death, but the characters reflect on parent/child relationships at the funeral, which supports it. Porter's death would tie in with the baby storyline, making Julie decide to keep it for example. Plus it would be a good way to reunite Tom and Lynette. And it fits in with the parent/child thing.


( Part 2 > ) so that leaves MJ and Porter .. either could make some sense : for MJ , susan seems to have recovered from the alejandro killing , and besides julies baby , there isnt much going on with her story ( less than the other wives ) so MJ dying is a twist in susan and mikes lives and he is a pointless , disappearing character, so maybe they are ready to let him so , but with dave gone , no one has a motive and he obviosly cant kill himself because he is too young . so and accident would be the only thing .. and porter , maybe he would kill himself with everything about this baby , be he seems happy so i doubt it . and so far , no one has a motive either . ( Part 1 VV )

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