Desperate Housewives Review: More Questions, No Answers

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It’s hardly news that Desperate Housewives is in its final season, and, for that reason, I find myself wanting every episode to be incredibly amazing. Unfortunately, "Who Can Say What's True?" fell more on the boring side of things.

Although funny at times, an installment such as this one reminds me that it’s just time for this iconic show to end. Lately, it feels like the Fairview residents are running out of stories to tell.

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There was hardly any resolution this week, while the mystery continued to unfold and we were bombarded with even more questions. Let’s discuss what went down…

While Susan nonchalantly wrote a check to Alejandro’s wife, I had the feeling that it was a terrible idea. Actually, it was a terrible idea before that, when she thought visiting the family was a good plan.

On one hand, I was glad that Susan reached out to Marisa. However, thanks to Susan, the Alejandro dilemma will now be far from over. Who’s guessing Alejandro’s wife will show up on Wisteria Lane in the near future?

With Susan out of town, Mike kept himself busy, discovering some inconsistencies with Ben’s real estate project. Ben has always been kind of shady and mysterious to me. I feel like we know so little about him as he plays the disappearing act incredibly well. There have been a number of episodes where he has been MIA with no explanation whatsoever.

It’s a shame that he’s now motivated and invested in his relationship with Renee simply because he found out about her money. I am dying to know what Ben’s intentions really are.

Meanwhile, I can’t say that I cared too much for Bree’s girls’ night out with Renee. However, what’s much more interesting is the person who was creeping outside her house and following her around at the bar. My guess is that Orson is back in town and will pay a visit to Bree very soon.

It’d make sense if it was him, as Bree definitely needs help and some light in her life. Orson could give that to her and get her back on track. By the way, where the heck has Andrew been?!?

One moment I definitely appreciated was the one between both Lynette and Gaby. With the man of the house out of sight, both housewives faced obstacles that would have been simpler if Tom and Carlos were around. It was nice to see that they were able to put their differences aside and be there for one another.

While it was funny watching Gaby scramble at the restaurant with Carlos’s clients, it wasn’t as much fun watching Lynette nearly break down to her kids. It’s been a tough number of months for Lynette, but she has been such a fighter. Regardless of her circumstances, she’s trying her best to be a single mom. Tom and Lynette’s storyline has been anything but easy to watch, but I'm truly enjoying it as Lynette continuously faces challenges relentlessly. Good for her!

Overall, this installment wasn’t the strongest and left us with only more questions rather than answers.

Who do you think is following Bree around? What’s up with Ben and the inconsistencies with his real estate project? Give your answers below and get an early look at next week's episode now!


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I really hope when this ends,marc cherry will start A new show that will be just like desperate housewives but different.Lets hope.


After I read some comments where they say Orson was the one following Bree, it might be possible, but I don't want to think that he's the one behind the letters. It would be nice if the writers consider Orson's returning as a closure for Marcia's character. I mean, after all, Bree was once truly in love with Orson; they shared a lot of interests and went through a lot of stuff together. My question would be...why is he back? On the other hand, it wouldn't make any sense if he was the one who send the letters, because how would he ever know about Mary Alice in the first place? And there would still be a need to make Orson come back. After all, when he left Bree for sure (when she was dating Keith) he was the one realizing that Bree had changed and wasn't the woman he once met; she was stronger, more liberal and fun.


I hated Gabriel and Lynette in the beginning. Why is it just Brees fault? It was Gabriels Step dad and HER Husband killed him! I thought: God i hope something is going to happen to you 2 idiots..selfish! and if we are talking about idiots: SUSAN AHHHH wtf is wrong with her thats the SECOND time where she is doing something stupid, first the painting, now visiting the family. Why did she said to Marissa: he will neeeever come back promise.. god this woman is so stupid - but of course its Brees fault! the show has so many missing points aswell - like you said the kids.. i mean Gabriels 2nd daughter (dont even know her name) can she even talk? or when susan met her dad - never ever heard from him again..


@Sidewinder - Good call! Both PLL and DH have both been kind of ridiculous lately. @B - Paige, Lynette and Tom's baby, made a rare and brief appearance on this past Sunday's episode. It's almost as if the writers forgot about the kids of Wisteria Lane.


Best show ever!
It has all!
I am not gonna get tired of it ever


What happened to Lynette and Tom's baby? I havent heard mention of him/her in several episodes.


Orsen is behind the letters ...........


Desperate Housewives = Pretty Little Liars 40+


True to form, the writers have again lost their way in this series. It will be interesting to watch to the end if only to see if they, the writers, give a rip about the faithful viewers and the talented actors who have breathed life into well concieved but poorly written storylines. Sorry slap in the face to the cast if they can't. Sorry waste of time to the viewers who stayed faithful just hoping the writers could find the way again. What ever the end of the housewives, I look forward to see any of these women in other roles.


Loved the show it used to be. It has run out of good story line. Time to go : ((

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