Desperate Housewives Review: Making Like Samantha

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Another week, another mediocre Desperate Housewives episode.

It’s the final season and I feel like I've been waiting for an epic installment all year long. Maybe the writers are saving the very best for last because tonight’s episode just didn’t cut it for me. Call me crazy, but I feel like we deserve so much better as longtime viewers and fanatics.

Confronting Gaby

It was certainly raining men for Bree as her alcohol consumption continued to heighten. From one night stand to another, it felt like she was somehow channeling Samantha Jones from Sex and the City.

Mrs. McCluskey couldn’t help butting in and tattling to Reverend Sykes. Although I was glad to see the man of religion, Bree simply was not. I know that Bree’s storyline was meant to be a fun one, but I couldn’t help feeling underwhelmed and just sad that she was turning to alcohol and random men. It just wasn’t Bree.

However, I’ll admit the bake sale scene was definitely interesting. As onlookers stared in awe, Bree might as well have been wearing a scarlet letter.

By the way, what happened to her stalker from last week? Are we supposed to just forget about that mysterious lurking stranger? Also, could this person be connected to the unexplained notes that Bree received?

I also didn’t care much for Lynette’s storyline. With Tom still in Europe, Lynette went on a date with Renee’s hairdresser. I had a feeling she would somehow manage to ruin it, but I didn’t think it would end that badly. From creating five-year plans on a cocktail napkin to providing constructive criticism, Lynette was simply at her finest.

Meanwhile, I was definitely surprised how Ben’s proposal to Renee ended when he came clean about why he was actually trying to put a ring on it. It’s nice to know that he didn’t have the heart to deceive Renee, but he’s still clearly hiding something about his project. With a briefcase full of cash in tow, what do think Ben is up to? Is he putting both Mike’s family and Renee in danger?

Elsewhere: Claudia showed up at Susan’s doorstep wanting to know where the heck Alejandro was. In the midst of Claudia accusing Susan of having an affair with her missing husband, MJ made a rare appearance. Soon after, Gaby realized that she needed to clear things up and wanted to talk to Claudia about Alejandro.

I laughed out loud when Susan asked Claudia how she found her home, and Claudia sarcastically called her a “genius” for giving her a check with her address. Then, Gaby was talking about her clueless behavior and actions as she had trouble dealing with her guilt. Nevertheless, Susan’s heart is always in the right place, and I was glad she reached out to Marisa again.

It was heartbreaking when Gaby revealed what Alejandro did to her as a teenager. My heartstrings were tugged even more as Marisa broke down in her mother’s arms. It was such a sincere and touching moment that felt so incredibly real. Thanks to both Susan and Gaby, these two will hopefully be able to move on and get past what happened.

I almost thought that the Alejandro arc would all be over until Claudia made the remark to Gaby about the red wine and carpet. Maybe she has no idea, or maybe she got a disturbing vibe there was more to Gaby’s story. Will we ever know? It’s probably unlikely.

So, what did you think of "What's the Good of Being Good"? Do you love the new Bree? Will Ben find a way to make it up to Renee? Is it finally safe to believe that Alejandro’s death will forever be a secret now?


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This is just the acoustic break before THE GRAND CRESCENDO. What will be attempted here is to ite up whatever loose ends are left from previous episodes to clear the stage for THE BIG REVEAL. Some of you might enjoy this better(I KNOW I will) when the complete series is available on DVD & BLU-RAY sometime around late August. I have the complete series of many of my favorite shows from back in the day
on DVD, and they look SO MUCH BETTER NOW than they did the first time.


You start off the review saying the episode was mediocre and yet you go on explaining how good the episode was and how much you enjoyed scene after scene...


even though not all episodes are big and full of events
I really like this season. the mystery, for the first time, includes all four of the leading ladies, which makes it exciting and I hate that I have to wait a whole weak for a new episode. They're still doing a lot with these women's stories, probably trying to fit in everything they ever wanted to do. Bree realising she isn't who she wants to be and is this way to please her father, not herself.
Lynette finally realising what effect she has on people and trying to change that, gaby coming to terms with her history and susan making something of her skills. as for some episodes being mediocre, well what would you expect?
They can't make every episode big, otherwise they wouldn't have anything left for the finally. I know they're all building up to one hell of a finally. 'Cause if one person can deliver a finally worthy to this show, it's marc cherry and I trust him to make it perfect!


Does anyone else see a resemblance between Claudia and Gaby? They look a lot alike, to me anyway.


Omg I loved yesterday episode it was soo good loved bree scenes shes defo my fave and I just loved the entire episode can't wait 4 feb 12 it soo far away


I got the idea that Claudia made the connection between the "stain" on the carpet and her missing husband. But at this point, she is glad that he is not coming back. I thought that was the whole point in her mentioning it again.

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Stop wasting space on shows that should have been
Euthanised years ago. WHO could STILL be watching
This lame network has been about the over the hill gang .... on a pay cable & PBS tv Sunday Night. ? You can not
Be serious !!!!


Did I like the episode? YES, Was the episode enjoyably for me? YES, Did I had a bigger expectation about this episode and It get crush? YES. Love the show too the end but just make it worth the memory because its the last season and don't make us hopping something better at the end, make us all feel like the show is ending because it's the right time and not because the writers cant come whit some new good story's, make us remember why do we love the show.


I know they are going all Pretty Little Liars on this season, but PLL has more seasons and this show is over this season. We know allot of characters from the past are coming back... Are they for the very last episode? really? we need a fire episode something shocking. I liked the Gaby, Susan, Claudia, Marissa scene and it felt real but I knew it was going to happen. The only OMG moment of the episode was Ben coming clean and Bree wanting a change on her life, because all the episode I was thinking "bree well see she is wrong and then go back as the goodie goodie she is" but she didn't and that was something not expected.


I liked the episode, but as for the Alejandro thing I well say NO its not over... I like all the episodes but I just feel it needs more drama and danger. If they don't give answers then give some powerful episodes where we know that they are changing and that its on a good form just like Ugly Betty did at the end season. And where was the mid season traditional BIG thing? was Chuck's death it? COME ON they had even put an Hurricane on there and they are just keeping simple the last season? they have to put more energy and fast but good story on each episode.

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