Extended Gossip Girl 100th Episode Promo: Memories ...

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So many memories. As Gossip Girl turns 100 episodes Monday, we can't help but think back upon some of the best scenes from the first four and a half seasons ... which the CW has done in a special new promo!

As wonderful as this and the special Blair promo are, we can't help but feel a little bit sad. Great exchanges like these seem fewer and farther between nowadays. In some ways it's like a promo for another show here.

Still, it's a fun promo in any event, filled with nostalgia, romance, laughs and OMG moments.

For the latest on what we can expect going forward, visit our Gossip Girl spoilers page for all the scoop on "G.G." and beyond. Then take a look back at some great moments from the last 99 episodes:

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How stupid are the producers? By making these promos they're only making the audience miss what a great show Gossip Girl used to be filled with really fierce drama, now it looks like a crappy soap opera. YAWN.


@Ilovechair: I maybe a fool for Dair, but I'm not a fool for endgames. Haha. But yeah, a Dair romance should be on it's way before season 5 ends that way Chair can be together for all of season 6.


I just want to cry watching this. RIP gossip girl of retrospect.


Love it!I can't wait for this episode! :)


Sex,Drugs,Jail,Romance OMG!!
You know i just feel lucky to be able to watch this show and become a HUGE fan...I dont know what would have i done if my cousin did not tell me about GG...
When i watched this i could not do anything but keep on smiling:) It just reminded me those old days!!4 and a half year long time GG!!


that was episode 18 season 1 @gg
serena screaming at georgina


@dexter idolizer
We don't ship the same couple, but I understand you. You want the writers to give Dair a shot before GG ends. It pains me to say that but I guess the writers will reward your patience. And thank you for writing that you think chair are endgame, it eases the pain a little;-)


@Ilovechair: I hope there is at least one romance between them. I'm sick of it dragging on and nothing has happened. It's quite horrible that we've been teased for almost an entire year and no action, besides one kiss that only one of them enjoyed and realized that there is something there. I'm hoping for at least something before Chair are the endgame, because as much as Dair shippers hate to admit it, Chair are the endgame.


does anyone knows which episode is at 0:45


just painful to watch how good it used to be