Glee Casting Rumor: Grant Gustin as Series Regular?

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Fox President Kevin Reilly confirmed yesterday that Glee will not be spun off in any way - but that doesn't mean season four won't look very different from anything we've seen previously on the show.

Look for Rachel, Kurt and the senior class to graduate, while likely still being involved in some capacity. New characters, meanwhile, will step up, with E! News reporting Grant Gustin may very well be promoted to series regular status in time for the fall.

Grant Gustin on Glee

Gustin - who plays evil, Blaine-desiring Warbler Sebastian - will recur throughout this winter and spring, playing an especially major role in the upcoming Michael Jackson tribute episode.

A source says a new deal for Gustin has been discussed, but the show is "not finalizing any season four regulars until May," while the actor Tweeted last night: "Thanks for all the congrats but this news is not official as of yet."

Still, the likelihood seems strong. Do you wanna see Sebastian as a regular on Glee?

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I'd love it, Grant is a fantastic actor, he's an amazing singer, and talented dancer. Plus the show needs a villain as they clearly don't have Sue as one anymore. Grant Gustin all the way! (Plus he's very attractive)


Yes I can't wait!! :)


can't wait, sebastian would be so entertaining for the show!


No smirky little meerkat face! I don't like him, period. And if he breaks up Klaine, I may even hate him. I really hope Kurt gets a scene where he just bitchslaps this guy and gets him to back off >


I don't like Grant Gustin...he's annoying as much as his character...I don't think GLEE need another pretty face...can we concentrare on the actual amazing cast?


WTF?! Why add another character when the writers can't deal with the ones they have now? Yeah, some are leaving, which should give way to the other characters (Tina, Sam, Puck, heck Wemma even) to shine. I want to see sl for the rest of the Glee kids next season. NO MORE Warblers!


Ugh I hated him since the first time I saw his little smug face! Good singer and obviously a good actor to make me hate him


I would rather have sebastian, his fans aren't crazy.


Uh, hello?!?! Yes, the graduates will still be in the show however their parts will be much smaller. They'll need new regulars, and Grant is an amazing singer and dancer who deserves his time to shine.
If Grant wasn't in the show, Klaine would be incredibly boring and cringe worthy. Thank you, Grant.



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