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For a show to get a 5pt rating it would have to have NO mistakes. I thought 4/5 was generous, considering how stupid Blair is and how irritating she has become.


WTF! sriously what is going on i have just been crying my eyes out since the start of the wedding this really cnt be happing WTF1 is all i can say and georgina is GG since when?


Although I absolutely love TVFanatic and appreciate all the effort the team is putting into it, I will complain about one thing.

I've been reading your reviews for the last two years now, and recently I've been getting the feeling you don't give the show the chance it deserves. After all GG has never received a TVF 5 star rating. TVD on the other hand rarely ever gets anything below 4 and a half stars. This might be an adequate rating for a show that is superior to any other show, however GG has produced excellent episodes, some of which top TVD.

Just to be clear: I, too, think that GG's season 5 has not been the best season so far, and I love TVD! Still, I feel like you are being a bit picky on shows like GG and extremely generous with shows like TVD. I can honestly not think of anything negative in this episode, and apart from people not turning their cell phones off during a wedding, neither do you, Steve Marsi, according to your review!


I think the writers prefer Blair and Dan to be the headliners. These two are the best actors in the pack and relying on their skill keeps the show afloat. My theory before watching this ep was that Blair would run away from both Louis and Chuck and go straight to Dan. I wasn't surprised at all he was in the car waiting for her. I am so glad this is the end of Louis. So sick of his accent that teeters between French and British but honestly I respect him more for telling Blair off. Come on! Is he really a bad guy for that? In the real world he gets a high five.


First of all, come on whats there to complain about seriously, just acept that its a TV show we all love since we watch it. If we wanna change it, start working as a writer for the show :P
I do belive that the "Chair" fanatics will have their treat, dont worry the producers have been walking arround it as it was a hot potato. She will just seek Dans friendship since she knows she can trust him in difficult times.
She will probably overcome her fear of god in the last episode, even though I do belive that the best thing would be a Dair with a bit more of the old Blair thing but thats my thoughs, live well and prosperious :)


i have not been on this website for a while, but im glas to be back :)
chuck and blair, amazing chemistry. blair needs to quit saying they cant be together because they can! they make the show, and i loved the twist with prince louis..... whata bitch. but the sceneat the wedding where the guy asks if anyone objected to the marriage and the look between chuck and blair was so powerful i cried. it was very beautiful. georgina was also amazing like always
chuck and blair till the end


@ Ace: I'm sorry, the 1000 character limitation that TV Fanatic now has prevented me of thinking that I should clarify the following: during my post on this site I have always said that this show moves in the realm of heightened reality and it is ridiculous to expect that real life logic and morals be applied to this show. Now that being said, I expect "heightened reality". Meaning that even though I don't expect EVERYTHING to be realistic, I do expect some realism or logic used in certain situations. Lately the show lacks this aspect in most of its situations, and that bugs me, because it didn't used to be this way.



This show has never really been about realism; if it was, Blair and Chuck would never have been together on-and-off for this long in the first place. Well, let me take that back, if Blair was truly the independent all-woman-empowered character that she was, this whole Chuck drama would not even be a blip on her radar. I mean, seriously, as far as realism is concerned, you'd have to be the biggest emotionally-damaged masochist-doormat to continually believe Chuck is a viable option. And I'm not saying that Blair was completely innocent either as she's done her share to contribute to the toxic relationship that is Chair.

Only in this heightened dramatized novella can that relationship last.

It's best to just have that suspension of disbelief.


I have problems with this episode that are not even of the shipping kind. Georgina as GG? Logistically impossible in some instances, like when she was sent to boot camp that later turned bible camp, how could she report from there? Or from Belarus for that matter? She's awesome but this only makes sense if she is now turning into GG, or has a collaborator. Blair's hair awful, bridesmaids dresses awful, I don't care if they were Vera Wang originals. Unrealistic the phones sounding off in the middle of the wedding. Unrealistic a final fitting outside the house or church on the wedding day. More unrealistic than anything, they marrying in NYC instead of Monaco, but I don't even want to get into that too much, production reasons after all can be used to justify this one. Where on earth was Roman? Louis in the appartment on the wedding day, risking to break the rule that the groom cannot see the bride before the wedding?


@Kimmie i think that's the million dollar question. who send in that video? my guess is dan which i might be impossible but he has the most to gain.

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