Gossip Girl Photo Preview: Bachelorette Party Time!

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[Awesome] Spoiler alert: Chuck Bass lives!

Gossip Girl returns with an all-new episode a week from tonight. In "The End of the Affair," Chuck fights for his life after the accident, while Nate investigates its origins and Blair has a dress fitting (see promo and photos).

The following week, Blair prepares to celebrate her upcoming royal wedding with a crazy bachelorette party, but others scheme behind her back to make this a night to remember. As you can see below, Chuck is ... lurking!

Also in this episode - the 99th in the show's five seasons, and the last before the royal wedding - Nate discovers the truth behind Chuck and Blair’s car accident, and joins forces with a surprising ally to gather the evidence.

Any theories? Share them below - and check out these pics from "Father and the Bride":

Blair's Bachelorette Party
Blair's Wedding Nears
B's Hat
Chuck and Blair Talk
Chuck Creepin'

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@ ms.m seriously, Blair from s1 would not have an affair with Dan just to get back at chuck. If anything she wouldn't even consider than as a possible interest, because let us not forget that that Blair until season 4 hated Dan Humphrey and thought he was below her.


I agree. if Blair is more upset over Chuck than losing her own baby, then it will prove she doesn't have her own identity outside of Chuck. why is it she's not allowed to care about anything more than she cares about Chuck? Even working at W and doing good in school all seems like a ploy to be successful FOR Chuck, so she could be with him, not herself.
Why can't we have the Blair from S1 back? The one that would send Louis home packing, that would blame Chuck for losing her baby, and that would have an affair with Dan JUST to get back at Chuck. Writers, please give Blair her edge back. Maybe Georgina's return will remind Blair of who she used to be. :::Fingers crossed:::


@Mehr Yeah right i totally forgot about her...


just hope, this bachelorette party, is the party before the marriage with CHUCK!!!
just go down Louis!


Chuck and Blair=Clark and Lana. Dragged out and annoying


@Iz, if you look closely there is Penelope and Katie at the bachelorette party, so at least 2 of Blair's 1st season's minions are there....although I wish Isobel and Hazel would be there, they were like the perfect minions, not those NYU ones.... Anyway, back to the party, don't really like Blair's dress, and that tiara looks just cheap...like its from a party store...the whole scene kind of looks like Blair is going of the rails..this party looks it was thrown together last minute at a local bar. Plus, no baby bump, so I guess Blair has lost her child. As for Chuck creeping around, seriously! Is this another whiny Chair scene that is supposed to make us feel sorry for them? Get over it! Chuck and Blair have lost their spark a long time ago!


lol@The bachelorette. LOL


i hope this "scheme behind blair's back' bit isnt some sort of play on words and we have chuck trying to give her the perfect party like he did her prom thing a few seasons back. rather i hope it beatrice and her father friend do something....that would be interesting....
the more i think about gg and past episodes....the whole chair thing is a tad repetitive and boring now. either put them together for good now or just drop it because the same chemistry they had seasons ago is not there anymore. i actually really like nate and blair together (secretly hoping for a nair reunion) but that would be silly now given blair has 3 men chasing after her. they might as well re-name gossip girl to "the bachelorette".


God please writers stop toying with the Blair Chuck love angle.We all know they sre end game.Just let them be together and let them have issues that they can face together.Stop breaking them up and getting them back together.Just let them be a couple in love.I don't see blair loving another and same goes for chuck loving another than bliar.They have been through enough,both admitted to how they really feel.Chair FTW>


I hope blair doesn't miscarriage.. because if she has and she's more excited about chuck being alive than losing her baby.. the writer's really screwed up. p.s it should say [predictable] spoiler alert -- chuck's already had the almost killed, loss of memory plotline.. can't you try and kill off another character? How about Serena?

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