Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Here Comes the Bride ...

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This new sneak peek of Monday's Gossip Girl shows the beautiful bride, Blair Cornelia Waldorf, entering the church on her wedding day, walking down the aisle escorted by her two dads, and ... scene!

It's nothing we didn't know, based on the photo gallery, which showed B walking down the aisle to meet Prince Louis at the altar. What transpires after that remains very unclear, however. So many possibilities!

Still, it's neat to see some of the visuals. From Rufus and Lily to Eleanor and Dorota, everyone looks so happy and glamorous at the decadent affair. Just give it another minute or two after this scene:

The only new revelation in the clip above is twofold, and does not involve Blair:

  1. Dan realizes no one thinks he and Serena are fake dating but him.
  2. Serena says she just did something "bad."

Any theories on what S might have done, and how D figured that out?

Also notable: Chuck Bass does not appear in the above clip. Hmm ...

Whatever ends up happening in the 100th episode next week, and whether Blair ends up with Chuck, Dan, Louis or no one, it's sure to have people talking and we will be here to pick up the pieces!

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I doubt Blair decides not to go through with it. Rather, something happens to disrupt the ceremony so completely that it can't proceed. Why else do we have a plotting priest and a resurgent Georgina?


SHE BETTER GO TO CHUCK!!! ahhhh I can't wait but I don't get why she looks so happy!! She's about to spend the rest of her life with someone she doesn't love! Where is Chuck??


Ohh god Ive been routng so hard against this wedding but Blair looked so happy! She doesn't deserve any of this.

Dr hollis

GossipGirlFan - absolutely I'll tune out, without a shred of guilt, as will thousands of other viewers. I'm not remotely interested in Chivy/Real Charlie, one of my favorite characters is gone for good (Jenny Humphrey), poor Lily and Rufus haven't had a good SL all season, and poor Nate and Serena are treated like the help. I actually liked the college SLs (sue me), but the characters are clearly never going to set foot on campus again. Yes, it's about Chair, but it's not just that. Plenty of us watched after 4X09 because (gasp!) the other storylines were actually INTERESTING that season. I liked the W internship, was one of the very few who didn't mind the BI stuff, and was hoping to see Jenny's real return b/c she totally deserved Parsons. Screw the UES bs; I loved and missed the NYU/Village stuff & Jenny could have taken us back there.


@ Dr. Holland Talk about throwing your toys out of your pram just because there is a chance that Chair won't happen next episode.


100 episodes ago I fell in love with this show, it had character, it trully lived up to its name. The central theme was UES kids who broke society rules, yet at the same time they had to think about their families and each character was unique and special, and then there were the brooklyn kids with whom we experienced what the UES is all about....100 episodes later the show is just ruined.


blair looks very pretty in her weeding dress i think that making her bff Serena the maid of honors works for her becomes she needs someone to support her care about her and helping her with her own decision like Serena cared a lot of blair and they love each other a lot they both have been more then just best friends there like sister.i hope that gossip girl doesn't not end yet.they should shote a espisode here in Chicago Illinios..


LOL. This is Pressed Central.


I want a happy CHAIR ending in the 100th episode but keeping the prevous episodes in mind thats not likely to happen....But I will sit through this episode with some hope in heart that the writers of the show CANNOT and WILL NOT destroy the most beautiful couple ever to be seen on the television screen. And if the CHAIR endgame does not happen...I am DONE with this show. I'm pretty u sure GG is gonna lose many to its viewers if the 100th episode ends badly.

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