Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Serena Wants Dan

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Serena doesn't say she's totally into Dan in this new clip from Monday's Gossip Girl, but it's quite obvious from reading between the lines, and from her body language as they walk and talk early in "Father and the Bride."

With all the attention focused on Blair's wedding lately, the possible re-coupling of Derena looks like it will become an interesting side plot. It may even manifest itself in somebody's dream sequence a week later.

In any case, next week, Dan and Serena walk down Fifth Avenue to flaunt their fake relationship. Whatever it takes to help Blair, right? They discuss her talking on Gossip Girl in her blog, among other things.

Dan's got a meeting set up regarding his second book thanks to Serena, so he's cool with the charade. The subtext here, though, is that one of them considers the relationship  more fake than the other ...

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Gome on guys,derena is meant to be !like serena said everything they do ceeps leding them back to each other!why people are so negative in the face of diffrent love?if serena was with nate it sill be so boring!im sure in season 6 dan will understand his mistake and he will be back to serena runing!i use to hate this couple because it was boring but now i love them because if you see how dan use to look at serena in season one and how he looks at her now ...im sure deep in his hurt he still loves her!!!


In the end I just dont want Blair to break Dan's heart. I want them together but she is only around him now when she needs something.


I've said it before and I'll say it again... Dan is too far gone from Serena. Can't you see from this video that they have absolutely no chemistry??? Sure, Serena was Dan's dream girl, but that ages ago. Dan has obviously grown up, while Serena hasn't. Do you remember when these feelings resurfaced? When she browsed GG's site and found that the only good guy she dated was Dan. On the other hand, Dan's feelings for Blair were developed naturally, through witty conversations and common interests. Blair will end up with Chuck, but my money is still on Dan ending up alone in the end of the series.


i think this season is doing good Chuck he is grown so much this season he is more open Serena is so much more mature working blogging being a good friend and person no stupid boy plots and nate has a interesting storyline! for once! i like him with his spectator!
who is doing bad is Blair thiss whinny blair is really not the blair in s1/s2/s3 this love traingle dan louis chuck is killing her character and thats really a big lost on the show


i want more lily and chuck i love how she's a mom for him i want jack bass,georgina,carter i want louis to go send his ass back to monaco! i want Blair to be strong and not pathetic whinny person i want S&B great friendship moments back!! this season dan took serena's place i want B&D friendship i want derena,chair endgame


Why does everything that happends on the show lead to love or a relation ship? i was fine with the dair frenemy friendship it was fun but when they explore love its just wrong like serena and chuck thats just so twisted haha
i only want derena to happen if they both go for it and be the great love that they were ! same for chuck and blair


Aw I really liked Dan and Serena together. Especially in season one. I wonder if it's awkward on set since they broke up in real life though. They don't seem to have the same flow they once had.


I'm so happy Derena is coming back :D They're the ONLY couple I like. This Dair thing is just a waste of timeeee! Every season Dan and Serena always have something. They always come back to each other! They're the only stable couple :) including Chuck and Blair :b


@Ashley Ben left Dan is not to return with Serena Why ?


And one more thing. If there is a 6th season (and that is a big if), Safran said that next season will be about Blair and Serena's relationship. So my guess is that Blair and Dan are probably going to end up together this season much to the disappointment of Serena and next season they are going to try and fix their relationship.