Gossip Girl 100th Episode Dream Sequence Pics: Released!

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The CW has just released a new series of photos from the much-touted 100th episode event, featuring Blake Lively as Serena - or should we say Marilyn Monroe - with Nate, Chuck and Louis as her backup dancers.

The setting for this unexpected scene, as first reported after a set video somehow leaked earlier this season, is Blair's foyer. The chorus line alone would be noteworthy, but that's not all: Queen B shows up too!

With Serena portraying Marilyn and singing "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend," Blair appears as Audrey Hepburn a la "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and the two supposedly start a tug of war over ... Dan.

Check out the earlier 100th episode photos we posted from the January 30 event, "G.G.", then click to enlarge the new set below and see if you think Blake makes a convincing '50s / '60s bombshell:

Serena the Goddess
Serena's Dream
Serena's Dream Sequence
Serena the Goddess
Serena in a Pink Dress
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I really don't see any chemistry between Dan and Blair. The one time they kiss she realized how much she wanted to be with Chuck. There is no passion between them. They bicker like siblings. It's just a really odd pairing.


Chair & Derena :)


What is even worse that all of you Chair fans do not understand what a what a good relationship actually is. Don't give that bad boy excuse, there are a difference between a bad boy and a dumbass/psycho with mother and father issues. A dumbass will still be a dumbass......


@lila - i'm sorry but i strongly disagree. i've been re-watching earlier seasons and it actually is really obvious.. most chair fans only see what they want to see - frankly i don't mind chair in the earlier seasons - i just prefer dair and i'd like to see GG do something exciting and risky for once. I loved all the dair scenes since season 1 and there's been plenty!! Their chemistry IS amazing and it's different to the kind of love that chair have, and it is possible for a character to love more than one person. their relationship has been building up since the earlier seasons. Dair are friends, despite everything and there is chemistry if you choose to see it. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens and agree to disagree.


I don't understand where all these Dair fans are getting this idea that Dan and Blair have been building up since season 1. I don't recall any of this. Yes, they may have had a conversation once in a while, but that is just general character interaction, just because two characters talk to each other once in a while does not mean that there is some hidden motif that the two characters are somehow destined to be and have always been in love with each other. Face it, Dan and Blair's friendship started forming halfway through season 4. End of story.


Just want to clarify to everyone that this is Serena's dream.. It's been confirmed more than once.


it just isn't realistic and they have absolutely no chemistry. also, they have not been developing at the same time as chuck and blair!! are you kidding me??! chuck and blair have been an ongoing pairing (whether they're together or not) from season 1. they just started trying to do the dan/blair thing in season 4 and it's awful. from the beginning, (and still now) they make no sense together. I can see them as friends, but never as anything more. besides isn't it obvious that chuck and blair love each other soooooo much? blair would never love anyone more than chuck. can't wait to see tomorrow's episode!


so funny reading these comments.. half the chair fans find dair so disturbing it baffles me because they really aren't. I meant for me, Derena are disturbing (now) because they share a brother and they're related (as steb siblings).. so that's a no go, and I'd rather see S with Carter. I liked chuck this season, especially with Lily and monkey and his friendship with dan. But really, Dair has been growing since season 1, the same time chair was developing.. they aren't related and they DO so have chemistry.. leighton is an awesome actress all her scenes with chuck AND dan have been brilliant. I just don't understand the hate for Dan's character at all.


for those who want to see the clip...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... hopefully this isn't from blair's pov. but it's a cute dream, whoever's it is :)


@AJ I agree with you!!