Gossip Girl to End With a "Gasp" Monday

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Much has already been said about Gossip Girl's 100th episode Monday night.

Heck, we're starting to wonder what hasn't been said about the milestone.

It’s Blair’s wedding! Georgina’s back! Love triangles/squares galore! So many Upper East Side events are just waiting to come to a head, for better or worse. But as we learned yesterday, one big twist remains a big mystery.

That bombshell, apparently comes at the very end.

“You have to see [the last few minutes] to believe them. I really think they will take people’s breath away,” EP Joshua Safran says. “Someone asked on Twitter, ‘Will we smile or cry at the end of the episode?’"

"And I said, ‘It will be more like a gasp.’”

Daniel, Serena

Executive Producer Stephanie Savage, who we can only hope played a major role in crafting the upcoming installment, explains that the final moment was something that “had to happen” in the 100th episode.

“That’s one of the fun things about having a mature show in Season Five, you feel like you can really have some fun. In the first couple of seasons, you feel like you have to keep certain things very guarded and protected because the hope is that you’ll have to make them last a long time,” she says.

Safran adds: “What we can say is why we made that decision will become clear with future episodes because, obviously, you will learn more about why that has happened, how that has happened. You see, it was such an easy decision ... It wasn’t something we belabored over or had long discussions about. It really wasn’t.”

“Obviously [the end] changes things. And what happens in the episode for Blair, Dan, Chuck, and Serena will become a whole new world for them. Obviously, we pushed the 100th episode as a special episode."

"A huge wedding, a royal wedding - it's a big episode. But it’s also the 13th episode of the season. So, the season arc does continue. The 100th is a turning point, connected to everything happening before.”

What do you think goes down at the end of the wedding-themed extravaganza to come? What could shock us at this point? Sound off on where you see the show heading - Monday and beyond - in the comments!

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If the gasp moment is the revelation who gossip girl is why would it only affect B, S, C, D and not Nate?
But maybe Nate is Gossip Girl and he never sent anything to her because he is her:-D
No, I was just joking, I guess the gasp moment has something to do with Dair because anything other than that would affect Nate also and not just the other four.


As the episode title is G.G it's not too big a stretch as to think they might reveal who she is. My idea of who she could be is somebody they all went to school with and ignored even more than lonely boy Dan. So she watched and documented their lives as some kind of punishment.


can't wait!!!!!!


Could be anything...
Could be what Serena has done to make everyone believe that she and Dan are not fake dating but they really are in a relationship.
Could be tHat Dan and Blair will have sex(eeww ow gross would that be)
could be that Cuck and georgina will ave sex...
Could be someting about reall Charlie..
Well who knows..Just have to wait and watch...

Uncle jackass

Now, I'm getting a bit spoiler overloaded... Danger, Danger, Will Robertson!!


Could it not be something to do with the revelation of Gossip Girl herself?


I've read so many theories and I'm still clueless! Could the baby be Chuck's? Are Chuck & Serena hooking up? That kind of crazy stuff is all over the internet, and Monday can't come soon enough. I'm just hoping it lives up to the hype because I'll be otherwise disappointed!


Why the "gasp moment" does not involve Nate?!? :(
Maybe it'll come out who GG is...


I predict they finally DAIR to sex! Hopefully they end this agony and let them made! XD (sorry for these expressions, but there is no but!)! XD
Hope they don't ruin this HYPE they've created it must be a flawless episode!!

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