Gossip Girl to End With a "Gasp" Monday

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Much has already been said about Gossip Girl's 100th episode Monday night.

Heck, we're starting to wonder what hasn't been said about the milestone.

It’s Blair’s wedding! Georgina’s back! Love triangles/squares galore! So many Upper East Side events are just waiting to come to a head, for better or worse. But as we learned yesterday, one big twist remains a big mystery.

That bombshell, apparently comes at the very end.

“You have to see [the last few minutes] to believe them. I really think they will take people’s breath away,” EP Joshua Safran says. “Someone asked on Twitter, ‘Will we smile or cry at the end of the episode?’"

"And I said, ‘It will be more like a gasp.’”

Daniel, Serena

Executive Producer Stephanie Savage, who we can only hope played a major role in crafting the upcoming installment, explains that the final moment was something that “had to happen” in the 100th episode.

“That’s one of the fun things about having a mature show in Season Five, you feel like you can really have some fun. In the first couple of seasons, you feel like you have to keep certain things very guarded and protected because the hope is that you’ll have to make them last a long time,” she says.

Safran adds: “What we can say is why we made that decision will become clear with future episodes because, obviously, you will learn more about why that has happened, how that has happened. You see, it was such an easy decision ... It wasn’t something we belabored over or had long discussions about. It really wasn’t.”

“Obviously [the end] changes things. And what happens in the episode for Blair, Dan, Chuck, and Serena will become a whole new world for them. Obviously, we pushed the 100th episode as a special episode."

"A huge wedding, a royal wedding - it's a big episode. But it’s also the 13th episode of the season. So, the season arc does continue. The 100th is a turning point, connected to everything happening before.”

What do you think goes down at the end of the wedding-themed extravaganza to come? What could shock us at this point? Sound off on where you see the show heading - Monday and beyond - in the comments!

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Dr hollis

Am I the only viewer who remembers that Blair slept with Jack in Season 2 - over a year before the hotel trade debacle? It doesn't make what Chuck did right. At all. But I never, ever hear anyone bringing that up. It's like some people believe that Blair hasn't always been a gray character. Elizabeth Bennet she is not.


I heard from people it's going to be gossip girl who is getting revealed so..


Hope Georgina has more then a camo.
Please let it not be a anticlimax.
Dan and Blair to wed? please not.


@sweet_vf, OMG! That had never crossed my mind and it actually makes some sense! I mean...It would explain why Louis is taking all this s....t from Blair without saying a word and why Father Cavallia is trying to stop the wedding. Louis is desperate to get married so that he can have the throne but Father Cavallia won't allow the love of his life to marry sb else! Perfection!


*they like characters that are "no hereos, no villains".


Some people here need to read the interview that the show gave to Rolling Stones magazine in April 2009. In it the shows producers's (in those days Savage and Schwartz) left very clear that it has never been their intention to make this show an "after school special" kind of show. They like characters that are not "no heroes, no villains". Even though I dissaprove Schwartz and Savage as much as I dissaprove Safran, I cannot help but agree with this. Anybody who watches this show looking for a role model or with the idea that this show should have characters who are role modes is watching the wrong show, and should go looking for another show, more of the "7th Heaven" type. This show never intended to give moral lessons, not even when it was in its prime and on top of its game like when that interview came out and they were in the RS cover.


"Louis gets to his room, and finds Father Canrnavalia (or whatever his name is) waiting for him: they kiss and hug and say: 'Finally, it's over'"
LOL :)))))))

Aint born typical

"are saying that chuck is not a good match for blair? do u only pay attention to the bad chair scenes and not the good? chuck and blair are true love they make sacrifices for each other." It's not that I only see the bad parts. I used to be a Chair fan. But the bad parts were so big that they completely killed this couple for me. I guess, what I'm saying really goes beyond Blair's romantic endeavors. It's about the writers taking responsibility for the type of shit they write and knowing when to let go, which I find the writers often don't do. Instead they destroy the couple and then continue to justify its existence on the bubbly premise of some epic love...except they got nothing to substantiate it with because the characters' actions can be seen as anything but love. That's why I don't ship Chair. And if Dair are treated the same way, I wouldn't ship them either.


I think that everyone reads different things into stories and looks at characters in a different way. I cannot be convinced that the friendship that Blair and Dan have is comparable to the love that Darcy and Elizabeth share. So we can both agree that we disagree.
It would be totally okay for you to hate Chair. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. As for my part I've enjoyed reading your comments and dicussing our views. Thank you for that! :-)

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