Gossip Girl Wedding Episode Synopsis Revealed

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We posted a set of Gossip Girl 100th episode photos yesterday, offering our first glimpse inside the royal wedding of Blair Waldorf. Now the CW has released its synopsis for the show's century-mark installment,"G.G."

According to the network, the January 30 episode "will open with a musical dream sequence featuring Serena, Blair and all the men in their lives (Louis, Chick, Dan and Nate)."

Also, "while Chuck wrestles with the reality that Blair is about to walk down the aisle with Prince Louis, the return of Georgina Sparks might make the royal affair a royal disaster."

We Smell a Scheme

We know from the photo gallery that Blair makes it to the altar, but whether any vows are actually exchanged remains the million-dollar question. Think Chuck, Georgina or both will put a stop to this wedding?

Two more episodes remain before the 100th, with Gossip Girl returning Monday with the car accident's aftermath, then indulging in bachelorette party fun a week later. It all builds up to the big day. What will happen?

Share your comments, theories and predictions with us below ...

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Thank you, guys for correcting me! I'm not a native English speaker so it was just a mistake. I wanted to say that Blair belongs with Chuck.
And just to make that clear: I don't see Blair as an object. Besides I am not an anti-feminist. I am grateful to live in a time when women (at least in the Western world) can decide what they want to do with their lives, who they want to be with etc and when women don't have to ask their husbands or fathers for permission. And Blair chose to be with Chuck several times in the past. In the last episode she wanted to leave Louis so that she could be with Chuck. And he didn't force her or manipulate her to do it. So to me these two love each other and the writers should give them a happy ending!


All these dreams sequences and specs make me wonder if it is still GG or am I watching "Lost"? lol
@cit I couldn't agree more but it feels like the writers seem not to care about our recomendations and continue to eff things up...


Yeah let's bring on some G and Chuck friendship.. maybe more... (don't kill me chair fans, I know how long you've been waiting and yes I can understand.. I just love G with anyone really, I want to know so badly what she's up to. Can't wait for this ep.


I wish it was Chuck Blair was marrying and not the prince :,(


Maybe Georgina & Dan will be endgame?


OMG i cant wait for 1/16... i still prefer chair no matter what and hope it ends that way but who knows.... They are totally ment, and no relationship is perfect and neither is theirs or else it be BORING! Who doesn't enjoy some drama in their lives...its part of it!!! So w this said...TEAM CHAIR til d end!!!


DAIR!!! DAIR!!! DAIR!!! Just went back to see the show for them. They are wonderful together. I love Dan and Blair. Gossip Girl Dare to Dair.


Really KT, belongs to chuck or belongs with chuck we all know what Dede means your pushing the feminist movement too far. And the relationship does work oddly there both corrupt and as all as their not together they would keep messing w/ each others relationship with other people.


I agree with Snookers theory, I see AmyGirl point and I agree with V and others that C and B belong together. I also agree that this episode isn't epic, in fact this must be one of the most wasted 100 episodes ever, with a plot involving a guest star that almost all the fans dislike and that won't stay much longer.


I prefer to say he/she belongs WITH he or she. Not TO. It makes he/she seem less like an object. This episode will not be that epic, come on. Best episode of television ever? Building it up for what exactly? My hopes are not high, as usual GG is my background music to doing work. I would drop this show right now, but I've spent too many years watching it to just stop and risk not knowing the end.

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