Grimm Review: I See My Father in Every Man I See

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Grimm took a walk on the Fringe side tonight with "Of Mouse and Man," a serial-heavy episode.

It’s a fine line to walk, between serial and procedural, and leaning to one side or the other can be a scary proposition. How much is too much? Will the audience like it? Pushing the story ahead too quickly could alienate them. Not pushing it enough results in an audience that can grow disinterested.

That’s a lot to worry about, and yet I had none. “Of Mouse and Man” was a fantastic episode.

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Yes, there were still procedural elements to be found. Marty, who was trying to get over years of emotional pain from his finally dead father could never truly escape him. Marty saw anyone who looked down on him as the face of his father. It’s a nice change of pace to, while not actively root for a villain, feel some sympathy and compassion.

Marty dealt with all of it the best way he knew how: going to his safe place. Which meant surrounding himself with plenty of junk to provide a buffer and cushion to the difficulties of life. Eventually, not even that became enough to cope, and the demons his father left him pointed him to murder.

The serial elements come into focus with the other two story threads: Eddie and Juliette. Beginning with Juliette, while she isn’t necessarily suspicious of Nick (yet), she is suspicious of the people taking pictures of her house. I might upgrade her title yet again for being so proactive and tracking these people down after Nick got their address from the plates she wrote down for him.

The Oblingers think she’s dangerous, maybe even a Grimm, but Juliette is so far out of the loop in this scenario it’s almost not even fair. Mainly because she doesn’t suspect Nick, and I wish her suspicions were piqued towards him. I’m having a hard time believing, other than being blinded by love and job hazard, that she’s not curious about all of these recent developments. For now though, I’m willing to let it go though because she’s finally getting to do something other than the super spoon.

As for Eddie, he didn’t have much to do this week, but his scenes certainly left an impact, particularly the ending scene. We all know Eddie and Nick are friends and have a bond, but it doesn’t even look like outside forces can come between them. Eddie was beaten to a bloody pulp and a scythe was written in his own blood on the hood of his car. Yet he’s still willing to help Nick, even if that means going against the reapers.

Speaking of reapers, it’s about time we finally know what one of their goals is: status quo. They don’t want Grimms and Creatures having friendships and beer together. They want the eternal struggle of kill or be killed to continue. Which begs the question: did Renard order this? Why is he not willing to kill Nick, but may be willing to almost kill Eddie?

Hopefully Grimm will teeter every once in a while towards a heavier serialization because “Mouse and Man” really is one of the best episodes of the season.


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Great episode! I have to admit that I was getting a little worried about the show...that it may be leaning too much on the procedural side but this epi definitely showed me the light! I am also starting to see some kick-ass in Juliet, I did not like her to begin with, maybe because she looks mousey, but she's got some slayer in her ;)
Eddie and Nick are friends! I know that Eddie helps Nick and they share the occasional beer but this really solidified their friendship. And I am a sucker for strong friendship storylines! Yay Grimm!


Don't all programs start out procedural? Some stay mostly procedural, others become mostly serialized, and some stay balanced. While I have issues with Juliette checking out the address on her own, it does make some sense and does make her less of a waste of screentime. I liked that Mason and Marty were both viable suspects even though I was mostly certain Marty was responsible. I liked Monroe's attitude to being targeted.


I had to laugh at myself midway through this episode. I was initially confused about what was going on. When the first guy was killed, and as he was being dragged away, I noticed he looked a lot older. I didn't make the connection that we were looking through the killer's eyes at the victim. I thought the killer had done something to the victim that aged him 20 years. Same with his next kill. I began wondering aloud why the heck the detectives didn't mention the fact that these victims looked a lot older than they actually were. LOL! Anyway, great episode and it's nice to see Juliette getting more involved. I agree with the review, this show continues to get better with each new episode.


I missed the first 10 minutes of Grimm cause I was freaking out about Chuck...but I enjoyed this episode. What's the name of the actor that played Marty - I swear I've seen him play a similar character recently. I enjoyed the procedural aspect of the show, but towards the end I was just wanting them to wrap it up so we could get back to Monroe and the ass-kicking he got. Even when we got back to them I was a little disappointed; I'm not satisfied with the meagre explanation,"maintaining the status quo". In time, I guess. Besides, we already knew that our favourite watch-making, cello-playing, pilates-doing blutbad was not very status quo... I was surprised at Juliette's boldness/silliness. If I was dating a cop, and some ogre guy just tried to kill us in our own house, you better believe I wouldn't be going to stalker's houses by myself.


Totally agree. I'm starting to like Juliette now that her story is getting integrated into the main story arc of Nick being a Grimm rather than being separate to the point of irrelevant. Nick and Eddie's bond takes the prize though - until now it seemed like Nick dragged Monroe into everything but now he's the one who made the choice to continue to help him when Nick gave him the perfect out. I love how this show continues to grow as it finds its voice.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Awesome episode. Loved that Monroe did not back down to the threat and went all "screw it, I will do whatever I want still and help you". Also David Giuntoli SHINED today as Nick in terms of facial expressions. His reaction to the snake creature revealing himself in the office? Awesome.
His "seriously, wtf am I doing" face when going through that tube tunnel? PRICELESS. Juliette continues to be useful and atypical to the currently quite sexist tv age of supernatural shows(vampire diaries I am looking at you) and, while I was lukewarm at best towards her at start, I find myself liking her more and more with each episode now. Also love that, true to David Greenwalt's style on Buffy and Angel, around mid season we are starting to get a whole lot more of the story arc plots incorporated into the show.

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