Grimm Review: The One Where No One Is Useless

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It's too bad "Game Ogre" didn’t air prior to my midseason report card - because my take on things could have been remarkably different. But at least now Grimm can be complimented for showing definite improvement.

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Although everyone has a little bit more to do and say this week, the core is still the same: Eddie and Nick. Previously, the two of them have been happy just to give each other a little push and pull to help fill their respective gaps in knowledge and joke with each other. This week, though, a true friendship blossomed, with Nick giving Eddie the keys to his kingdom.

It takes plenty of trust on both sides to do such a thing. Eddie is “the enemy” and Nick is entrusted with fighting all of these Grimms. Eddie could have easily used this information about Nick, Grimms and the arsenal that comes with the trailer to take over a small country, but instead he did what Nick couldn’t do: save Hank.

One moment that really struck me while Eddie was in Nick’s trailer was his apology to his father. We know the creatures and Grimms are expressed as enemies, but so far that hasn't really been explored except with the three wolves. I would really like to see this unique bond Nick and Eddie have be put under some stress by outside forces.

Another interesting thing happened in “Ogre” as well: a shift to an ensemble. Yes, Nick is still the main character, but everyone played their part to push the story along instead of just Nick with a sprinkling of Eddie. Renard, Hank and Eddie all worked in their own ways to catch the killer while Nick was hospitalized.

As I said in my report card Nick’s home life hasn’t been very engaging or fun enough in a world like Grimm, and thankfully all of that changed this week as Nick got his ass handed to him while Juliette was out. Yes, that’s right, constantly useless Juliette saved Nick’s bacon. And she somehow reminded me of that Rescue 911 episode where that mother accidentally drops scalding water on her baby. I’m digressing. Anyway, thanks to her act of heroism Juliette gets a promotion to slightly useless! Congratulations!

Hank’s personality is still mostly a clone of whomever he’s around, but this week did push him towards some grey lines. The fact that he “lost a tape” and acted outside of his department trying to take down the Ogre brings this ambiguity that’s slightly status quo within television land but does at least bring his character at least some uniqueness.

Overall, “Game Ogre” was a fun change of pace for a series that hasn’t taken many risks other than it’s premise, and it paid off beautifully. Now if only I knew what Renard was thinking about at the end…

Other thoughts

  • The Ogre could break through walls and windows, get stabbed and shot, but couldn’t take some boiling water to the face? What a weakling!
  • Does anyone else wish Hank would disappear and have Eddie replace him?


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Thanks for the tfhughtoul review. At no point was there a criticism about Apple Fanboydom which was nice, but seriously, I appreciate the review and was glad that you enjoyed the book.


Hats off to the Nerdy-types! They (we?) make things more interesting. Super episode! I share in the feeling that the stage is being set for Hank to be let in on some of the supernatural aspects of Nick's life. I wouldn't say I wish for Eddie to take Hank's place. As Hank learns more about Nick's lineage and the existence of "monsters", I'm confident he'll become a character that's much more appreciated.


Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe steals every scene he's in and I love his quotes but David Giuntoli is really perfect as Nick. He's very sympathetic and likeable which makes Monroe's and Nick's friendship believable. Monroe has to see something in Nick worth bonding with.
Russell Hornsby is really very convincing as Hank--the writer's have given him respectable dialog and he, Nick and Reggie Lee as Sgt Wu all come across as believable cops competently doing their jobs. Lee is another actor that steals scenes.
Bitsie Tulloch has a unique look and makes for a very sympathetic character while Sasha Roiz as Captain Renard deftly walks the line being both professional and intimidating.
And the cinematography--the use of earthy reds, browns and greens and offset lighting to create a fairy tale look to the show. Setting the show in lush Portland helps too.
It would be sad to ad Grimm to the list of brilliant but cancelled shows like Dark Angel, Now and Again, Brimstone and Firefly.


It was great to see Hank, Monroe, Juliet, and Renard step up in this episode. Juliet especially - she's been basically the invisible character, separate from the main storylines and not really relevant, and it's nice to see her acting courageous and resourceful without turning into a full-on Buffy Eddie's growing loyalty to Nick is touching and Renard is one of those wonderfully ambigious characters whose motivation you never quite can figure. My only thing is: how did Hank manage to arrest the ogre in the first place, and how did the penal system manage to hold him for 5 years? I doubt any of them were throwing scalding water on him constantly and it took a freaking elephant gun shooting bullets dipped in a rare poison to take him down this time around!


@ Nick - my pleasure! I never thought about what the bullets might mean for Nick and Eddie as a team - this certainly will be interesting. I think what I like about this episode more than others is that it actually leaves pressing questions to be answered in future episodes. Like what will happen with the bullets, and what will Nick do knowing his partner has fudged evidence. Overarching themes are great but they can get tiresome. These kinds of questions have more instant gratification potential. As for the biology - I guess I figured with the skin being the most sensitive and the hot water being all over his ugly ogre face, that would hurt more than a 9mm (or whatever caliber) bullet. But that's just a theory. You're totally bringing out the super nerd in me. I'm way cooler than this :-)


@Letscheck, the point of reviewing is to be honest. This is a review although short and more general and thematic rather than detailed and chronologic. I agree with the review. I loved Eddie's enthusiasm for the watch's provenance, and his conflicted emotions in the trailer. Typo: You refer to the creatures as Grimms.


joyeful, Thank you for coming back week after week to read and comment on my reviews, respectfully no less! In regards to Hank, I didn't even give that a thought and that could definitely be something that could aid Nick in the future. Renard having those bullets is a very tricky situation for Nick and Eddie, and I love it because it has the potential to push Nick and Eddie further together as they attempt to cover it up. Thank you for the biology update, it was meant as a joke, but now I'm curious: if the Ogre has deadened nerve endings wouldn't the boiling water be less painful since it's not concentrated to a specific point? I suppose melting flesh hurts no matter what your nerve endings are like though.


Letscheck, His name is Eddie Monroe, and it's been referenced before in the show. Now, I am a fan of the show, but being a fan doesn't mean I enjoy everything about the show. Nor does it mean the show gets a free pass on things I'm remiss about because then I wouldn't be doing my job. If you look at the reviews I've done in the past for Grimm you'll notice I've gotten more and more complimentative of the show as it's gone on. There are still problems that are bugging me each episode, but Grimm is improving every week. You're free to disagree with me in a respectful manner, and in fact I encourage it because I love discussion. If you can't abide by these rules then we are not interested in your comments. JK, "jerk off the showrunners" - Almost made me spit out my coffee, love it!


Anyways - to the show. I'm ambivalent about Hank's moral ambiguity. I liked the fact that Hank could be trusted, but when you throw wrenches like that into someone's character, his actions become less predictable. On the other hand, knowing that Hank is okay with the occasional law-bending might make him a better asset to Nick when the whole Grimm thing comes to light. I'm VERY worried about Eddie now - his fingerprints are gonna be all over those bullets. Guess Hank will have some more evidence to "misplace"... re Nick: "The Ogre could break through walls and windows, get stabbed and shot, but couldn’t take some boiling water to the face? What a weakling!"
That kinda makes sense. Being shot or hit is a very concentrated application of pain to a limited number of nerve endings - but scalding water all over the face is way more painful - more surface area to hurt. (Sorry, the biology nerd in me came out).


Letscheck: His name is Eddie Monroe. He's been referred to by both his first name and his last name. I've been watching since the beginning. You might wanna review the series... This was a solid review, and I think the reviewer is doing a great job of being objective. I don't agree with everything he says (that's life), but that's why everyone's entitled to their own opinion, and why we can have a healthy discussion (sans derogation) in the comments section.

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