Happy Endings Review: You're So Vain

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Happy Endings had a solid first episode back after the holiday hiatus, as "The Shrink, the Dare, Her Date and Her Brother" brought up a topic not often discussed on friends-based sitcoms. What happens when not every member of the group is close one on one?

You would think Alex would be closer to Brad considering he's her brother-in-law, but awkwardly that wasn't the case. I love that Brad's voice gets high when he's uncomfortable. It's small traits like such as that which makes each of these characters hilarious.

Damon Wayans Jr. on Happy Endings

I would say hilarious and believable, but there were a few things I found to be totally fake. One, what firemen are really that hot? Two, how could this crew really not have a better out call excuse than "there's a meteor coming?" 

The last piece of unbelievable plotline was Dave's therapist being remotely qualified. Then again, Dr. Rickman did mention that the American Psychiatric Association had their eye on him. 

So, do you guys think that Dave and Penny could have unresolved feelings for each other? I don't really get that vibe. I don't think Alex would be too happy about that. Besides, what happened to that little moment Dave and Alex had on the last episode before break?

I don't know about the rest of you but I busted out laughing when I first saw Max's outfit. What an amazing bet!! Jane's was equally as entertaining. She truly did resemble Carol Brady. As for looking like she was about to molest Bobby, well, I think her lingerie for the firemen was more applicable to that notion.

The fire is in our pants. Classic. Check out my other favorite Happy Endings quotes from the episode and don't forget to hit the comments!


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I really liked that parts of the Dave/Penny storyline were mirroring romcom cliches from the Brad/Alex storyline, like the sleeve catching on fire, the flimsy excuse for showing up at someone else's date and the nightime fountain shot. That was a nice little wink.


I've never watched this show before, but I kept the TV on after Modern Family this week and really liked it. I might have to watch it every week now!


Hilarious. One of the best.


This was a strong episode. Love the different pairings this week.
Jane and Max were the funniest. Alex ordering a second waffle and omelet was simple quality fun.
I'm not really into the whole Penny/Dave thing. I believe that what has made this show great has been the really friendly love. I think of Penny more as a sister to Dave than a possible romance.


I love Dave/Penny and have been wanting them since the beginning!! Max/Jane were beyond hilarious and Alex/Brad during the rom-com was great too. Loved all the pairings this week, can't wait for the next episode!


such a great show - glad it's back. but i don't like the Penny/Dave thing. it's such a cliche when shows that feature a group of friends have the various characters all couple up at some point. they spent last season eluding to the unresolved feelings Penny has for Max and the unresolved feelings between Alex and Dave. enough already. but the bet between Max and Jane was hilarious - definitely the highlight.


Alex's second waffle. Boom.


I totally think Dave and Penny should get together! I could get behind that relationship


I've thought since the first season that Penny and Dave could have something.So this works for me, that's if they go there. Dave and Alex don't work for me.


I just can't get enough of Happy Endings, its just "amah-zing"

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You guys are so vain, you probably think this sweater's about you.


Seriously I got stuck with the check again? What's the point of having white friends?