Hawaii Five-0 Review: New Year, Same Five-0

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"Ka Ho'oponopono" - The Fix

In our first offering of 2012, Steve and Five-0 took on a complex case that ended up being about more than was initially believed. I really enjoyed the twist and turns that it took, as I kept changing who I suspected and never saw the truth coming. 

Sadly, that was the majority of my enjoyment for this episode, as there were some moments that forced me to yell at the TV is disbelief.

To start, I’m really done with Shelburn. I was hopeful that when Joe and Chin Ho were in the car after the Yakuza drove by, we would get some sort of information. Sadly, nothing. Then, at the end when Steve pointed out he was tortured and Jena Kaye died and he wanted answers, I thought we might finally get the next bread crumb . Nope, nadda. I’m so tired of the show bringing up Shelburn but not moving the plot forward that I’m at the point where I simply don’t care anymore.

Joe and Chin Ho

Wait, we did learn that Joe help Hiro fake his death. Is this connected to Shelburn? Who knows?!? Joe got out of the car and walked away. Then again, Joe did a lot of walking out in this episode. At the police station, for example. Since when can the suspect be the one who decides when he is done and strolls out? I guess if the head of Five-0 is working as you’re personal chauffeur you can. Really, are you kidding me?

Then again, Steve had his fair share of beyond believable moments as well. First, he decided that Joe’s method of getting answers was a good one when he kidnapped the replacement jury member to get answers out of him by pretending to hold him off a cliff edge, then arrested him afterwards for the answers he gave. Really, are you kidding me? 

Afterwards, he decided to go solo into a Yakuza compound to rescue Joe. I’m not what I was more shocked by on this one: That he did a commando style raid, that he went alone or that he didn’t just arrest them all for kidnapping. After all, he had no problems arresting a guy he dangled off a rock ledge with a bag over his head.

Okay, to be fair, I did enjoy Lori and Kono at the school, especially Lori's reaction to the kid trying to run. While they seem to still be trying to figure out what image they want for Lori, I think she and Kono made a pretty nice team and hope we see them do more "girl power" scenes together.

In closing, I fully acknowledge that this series is a work of fiction and that many shows take liberties in the name of entertainment. However, that doesn’t give the writers carte blanche to assume the viewing audience knows nothing about the subject material or that we would believe anything they write. How about this: if you’re going to take reality off the table, could you write in some light sabers, phasers or an elf or two? Just to keep things interesting.


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@Amazingalex - It's too late, I already sent the link :) @Zia - I was just about to say the same thing, ppl think Steve's mother is Shelburn. I don't know why. I can't think of a good reason.
Who can explain it to me?
Yes, those pictures are really great. Let's hope we'll see him soon in a better shape.


@ Martinelli....I like the pictures you put on your blog of AOL. I hope in episode 2.15 after his holiday break, he got some rest. I read on a couple of other sites that they noticed Alex was looking thin and stressed in 2.13. He's still great looking, but I prefer a couple more pounds on him. I see on the "who is Shelburne" poll that most still think its Doris McGarrett. I keep going back and forth on who I think it might be.


@martinelli...WHAT???? Oh my! No I am all set. I prefer the not knowing. LOL!


@Amazingalex - Sweetie, I'm not talking about his butt and this one wasn't for a movie, it was taken by a paparazzi :) I'll mail you the link, if you want.


@Zia..he has given credit to virtually every aspect of the show. I was just quoting the one that he said he felt the bromance and the carguments are a key part of the show. He has never said it is the only reason. In fact in one interview he was asked about why the show was so successful and he said "Grace" He is very humble and I have never seen him take credit for the show. He always gives credit to the other actors and aspects of the show such as the bromance. That is why I find him so likable!


@martinelli..I know he showed his butt in a movie. Was it from there? Hey good for his fans !! :) ALex did the same thing. I choose not to view it though as mystery is a good thing. ha ha!


@Zia..I did not know he was staying the whole season. That makes me happy. He stays out of the teams crime solving for the most part and is in a side story that lori has nothing to do with. That could be why I am okay with it taking a little while to give us some answers. Gives me a lori break on each episode. ha ha! I have a funny terry o quinn story. I paused an epi I was watching to throw some laundry in and when I walked back into the room I noticed I paused on alex's butt and I was like oh good place to pause, nice butt and then I pushed play and it was terry o quinns tushy!!!! (he had on tan cargo pants in that epi) LOL! Hey pretty good for an older guy. Then I noticed he is in really good shape too! Gotta give credit where credit is due.


@Zia - Giving credit to the writers, directors, and producers is somehow a must, you know that. He must say it, even though he might disagree with them at times. I hope you understand me :)


I like all four of the characters. I started to watch because of AOL, but I think Scott, Daniel, and Grace all do a wonderful job. Alex is the lead, but without those 3, the show would not be successful, nor would there be a show if there was not an Alex. I think this is a perfect part for him. I also saw that AOL said that the relationship of Steve/Danny is a big part of the show, and of its success, which is true. But, Chin and Kono make it all complete. He did not in any way infer that it was the only reason. From what I have read in his interviews, he understands that none of them would be having any success without the other. He also gives credit to the writers, directors, and producers. Although, I tend to have some disagreements with that at times, they do a good job for the most part.


A really strange thing happened to me today. I was searching for some pictures about Scott Caan for my blog and came across a very spicy picture, Scott without undies, taken by paparazzis. It would have been fun if I would have liked Scott ... lol, but I don't, so I leave that pic to his fans :)

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Chin Ho: HPD is not going to just let this go.
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