Hawaii Five-0 Review: New Year, Same Five-0

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"Ka Ho'oponopono" - The Fix

In our first offering of 2012, Steve and Five-0 took on a complex case that ended up being about more than was initially believed. I really enjoyed the twist and turns that it took, as I kept changing who I suspected and never saw the truth coming. 

Sadly, that was the majority of my enjoyment for this episode, as there were some moments that forced me to yell at the TV is disbelief.

To start, I’m really done with Shelburn. I was hopeful that when Joe and Chin Ho were in the car after the Yakuza drove by, we would get some sort of information. Sadly, nothing. Then, at the end when Steve pointed out he was tortured and Jena Kaye died and he wanted answers, I thought we might finally get the next bread crumb . Nope, nadda. I’m so tired of the show bringing up Shelburn but not moving the plot forward that I’m at the point where I simply don’t care anymore.

Joe and Chin Ho

Wait, we did learn that Joe help Hiro fake his death. Is this connected to Shelburn? Who knows?!? Joe got out of the car and walked away. Then again, Joe did a lot of walking out in this episode. At the police station, for example. Since when can the suspect be the one who decides when he is done and strolls out? I guess if the head of Five-0 is working as you’re personal chauffeur you can. Really, are you kidding me?

Then again, Steve had his fair share of beyond believable moments as well. First, he decided that Joe’s method of getting answers was a good one when he kidnapped the replacement jury member to get answers out of him by pretending to hold him off a cliff edge, then arrested him afterwards for the answers he gave. Really, are you kidding me? 

Afterwards, he decided to go solo into a Yakuza compound to rescue Joe. I’m not what I was more shocked by on this one: That he did a commando style raid, that he went alone or that he didn’t just arrest them all for kidnapping. After all, he had no problems arresting a guy he dangled off a rock ledge with a bag over his head.

Okay, to be fair, I did enjoy Lori and Kono at the school, especially Lori's reaction to the kid trying to run. While they seem to still be trying to figure out what image they want for Lori, I think she and Kono made a pretty nice team and hope we see them do more "girl power" scenes together.

In closing, I fully acknowledge that this series is a work of fiction and that many shows take liberties in the name of entertainment. However, that doesn’t give the writers carte blanche to assume the viewing audience knows nothing about the subject material or that we would believe anything they write. How about this: if you’re going to take reality off the table, could you write in some light sabers, phasers or an elf or two? Just to keep things interesting.


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@amazingalex.....I'm with you, I don't think Joe is a bad guy. I think he is just delusional that he thinks he can protect Steve, make him back off, and Wofat will just drop it.


Wow my head is spinning. You guys really think these things out in regards to shelburne. I am too confused to figure it out or maybe too lazy. In one week we should all know for sure. I am impressed with all the research you have all done though. The only thing I know for sure is I do believe strongly that joe is a good guy. He loves steve like a son. He is trying to keep him safe. @jschoi...LOL!!!! Whatever it takes to get her off H50 is fine with me!!


@jschoi.....LOL, Alaska 49, good one. @Jeffrey.....Are you her personal manager? I can't see the Lori character able to maintain a spin off. Lauren German may find some other show she is good at, if they decide not to keep her, but I a feeling she is not going anywhere.


I don't care what it takes to get her off H50, if a spin off works I say go for It. How bout Alaska49.


What if Lori is a part of a launch campaign of a spinoff of H5O like Ncis/Ncis LA, or CSI franchise or Law and Order!


@jschoi and Lena......Duke is the one who warned Chin that Steve was going to be arrested in last year's season finale. He was also there with Chin in the car when they arrested Steve at the governor's mansion. I think he is more connected to Chin and is his resource at HPD. He might have been the one who also gave Chin the info on the file of Steve's mother's case being a homicide and not an accident. That being said, he could be connected since he was around when John McGarrett and Chin Ho were partners. It's possible.


Wow we already hit 370 post here! we are going for a new record!! Yeah Joe knew all along who Shellburne is I agree what if Shellburne is a half-brother or half-sister of Steve and lived in Japan all these years! I am gonna watch 1.13 again to see what more was in the toolbox. McG senior had the key of the desk of the Governor how did he get it?
There where alot of postcards from Japan maybe from Shellburne?
I am with you guys I also thinks Duke is on Steve's hand maybe he also was helping McG senior. I know in the toolbox were also show a men watch a lighter and some kind of diary, a pocket knife, a chain, and a cellphone


@Jeffrey......there are 24 episodes in a season. Peter Lenkov has already tweeted that there will be a full season of 24 episodes this year. There are many sites that believe H50 should be renewed for season 3, they are doing well in the ratings for a 10PM show.


I see it a little different. I think Joe asked Wofat who Shelburne was to get a reaction. He asked Steve to see if he knew anything about Shelburne, we now know for sure that Joe knows who Shelburne is, he said he could not tell Steve. Senior McG probably wanted to get the same reaction that Joe did. Steve found out in North Korea that Wofat does not know who Shelburne is, but it appears that Wofat either knows or thinks that Shelburne has info that will hurt him or send him to jail. I believe Joe knew all along who Shelburne was, its part of whatever his deal is with not telling Steve. He also said in the car, on the phone, that "I have to move you, Steve is getting too close". So Shelburne knows who Steve is.


I'm going complicate things even more. Duke was with Steve and Danny when talking about 10 million for Chin and he was their when they arrested the Coast Guard guy I believe he knew they took the money but never said anything. When called Chin in ep 24 I think was calling to warn them that HPD was coming for Steve, I think Duke has been protecting Steve. I only recall him being opening of ep 9 this season, right before the Wo Fat story picked up again. Considering his years on the force it stands to reason he would have known Steves dad. The only thing I don't see is a connection to Joe.

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Chin Ho: HPD is not going to just let this go.
Joe: Apparently neither is the Yakuza, we've got company.

Luke: Listen man.
Steve: Sir, you call me SIR.