Hawaii Five-0 Review: Shelburne, Revealed!

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"Pu' olo:The Package

I would venture to say that the most talked about mystery this season on Hawaii Five-0 has been who - or what - is Shelburne, which Wo Fat has been chasing and/or afraid of. Sadly, this buzzed-about question turned into the the most disappointing reveal ever this week.

For months we've been agonizing, hypothesizing, analyzing, and theorizing about Shelburne, and our reward is this?!? Oh, yeah, it’s a code name and I used it when I killed Wo Fat’s father. Why the heck did we need to be tortured with that for this long? 

Leading the Dangerous Way

Okay, that letdown aside, this week’s episode offered several good things that helps soften the bitter taste Shelburne is going to leave. First, Rachel and Grace were back. I’m not sure if Claire van der Boom is really pregnant, or was recently so, as she kind of had that “new mom” glow about her. I was crossing my fingers that she would tell Danny the baby was really his. Alas, it was not to be. 

Second, all you anti-Lori readers got your wish because she stayed in the truck while the rest of the team went into the warehouse. That’s not to say us pro-Lori people weren’t happy, as she and Kono going to get Sang was great. I'm still a big support of Kono and Lori's girl power.

While we're talking about Lori, it looks like the series has finally found a look for Lauren German. Her hair is longer and darker, and she is dressing with influences from Kono, Steve and a touch of Danny. I know I’m in the minority, but I’m really hoping we see German added to the opening credits so she is confirmed a long term Five-0 member.

Is anyone disappointed that Joe is going into hiding? I know I’m not. After the months of cat and mouse over Shelburne and the disappointing reveal, I’m ready for him to not be the focus - at least for a while. Then again, Joe called someone a few episodes back about Shelburne. I suspect it was Hiro Noshimuri, but it could be a loop hole for a better answer to this ongoing question.

Speaking of the Noshimuri family, now that Adam no longer thinks Joe killed his father and Steve asked him to help with Wo Fat, many Ian Anthony Dale fans may get their wish to see Adam more often. While comments on the last episode exploded with discussion over who was better looking, Alex O'Loughlin or Dale. I’m going to freely admit to having a budding man crush on both of them and let you all take it from there. 

Steve McGarrett Receives Call

Did anyone else catch the attempt to patch the plot hole with the flashback to 1992? If you’re not familiar with the plot hole in question, there has been a discrepancy pointed out between comments made on the first season when Steve was the high school quarterback and the first episode this season when Joe and Steve discussed why Steve’s father sent him away when he was a teenager.

The flashback attempted to patch said hole by showing Steve as a junior in high school getting sent off to the military academy. However, as Steve was the “star quarterback,” it was still a bit thin given that most quarterbacks are juniors or seniors, not sophomores. Maybe it’s different on the islands. 

Overall, it was a good episode for tying up a lot of small bits of information and landing flat on one big one. Let's see where the show goes from here.


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@Zeo......I don't know how many times I and others have said that it is nothing personal against Lauren German. We agree that the character is flawed which is not all her fault, they introduced her wrong, made it look like she was taking over, and 3 members of the team got very little screen time due to her presence in the first 7-8 episodes. That is why people became angry. Not necessarily at Lauren, but at the character. However, she did not play this person well, she was very stiff and could not show empathy for at least 11 episodes. This may be due to the fact that the writers kept changing who she should be and she was not sure how to play the part.
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@zeo...I've said this before and I'll say it one more time, I don't hate Lori or Lauren German. I don't hate anyone. I don't like Lauren German on this show. She maybe be a wonderful person and very good actress, I don't know, I had never heard of her before H50. So please do not accuse me of hating her.


I watched the first season's 1.3 episode. At the end when they are watching Steve's highschool football games, Danny asks why is a quarterback wearing number 50. Steve says "its not 50 its 5-0, my dad called the family that because we were not native hawaiians and he wanted us to feel like we belonged, so 5-0 for the 50th state". Kono said she liked that, and that's what they named the task force.


@jschoi- I've done some research about the actress Lauren German and she has a good name or at least had before h5o. This means that she can perform just fine but the writers must improve her character, make her feel comfortable with her role. If the writers improve Lori by giving her a real purpose I definitely prefer Lori staying. The girl is beautiful, I like her physical appearance and if the writers care more about Lori I hope she stays. Just give her something to do, something that is more suitable to her. Even if you disagree, the person Lauren must be respected and not confused with the fictional character.


@jschoi- it's not just about money. Lauren German is also human, and this war in my opinion is too much. She is just doing her job. We can like or dislike her character but many believe me included that it has become hate. Whats worse, the hate isn't just for the fictional Lori. Personally I sympathize this girl. This war against the real person is wrong and ugly. Of course the fictional character has flaws and should have been a babysitter. It has no purpose the way it is presented now and needs some change in order to continue. We shouldn't attack the real person so hard though. It's just a show and it's not only her fault. I've read that Lauren is a shy and funny person, she isn't empty, boring. Why hating her?


I'm tired of people feeling sorry for Lauren German. If one cannot take criticism they should not be in show business, sports or politics it goes with the territory. A few days ago some made reference the high unemployment rate and LG being out of a job, ridiculous. I don't know LGs salary for H50 but GP makes 60000 per ep, so if LGs is close to that and she has a movie out this year, I would really be happy with that and most Americans and Canadians would have to work years to make what LG or any of them make in a year. I'm not feeling sorry LG or any of them.


@Jeffrey... We were just talking about the promo and what it could mean. Those of us who dont see a use for lori are not responsible for the promo but you do have to admit it is very telling that she is not in it. I dont feel for her cause it is the job and she was not signed on as permanent. I personally will be very happy if she is gone soon but that is no secret. And as others have said 5-0 does not mean 5 team members. To me she has been nothing but a fifth wheel, not necessary and can mess with the vehicle.


@Jeffrey Sean Keith... We don't know what is gonna happen (I confess I will cheer from joy when she leave's) but not being in the promo is not a good signal for the Lori character and like Zia said the reason they call it Five-O is because it was Steve back number when he played football! so there is no need for a 5th team member at all. Think Lauren German feels fine she knew from the beginning she would stay in the long run she sign. for 12 episode last year she extended it to four more so that make 16 episodes in this season so nothing to feel bad about!


We can't know what the original plans for Lori were. It's possible that she was always intended as a red shirt - the way to hurt Steve is through his team, and they obviously couldn't kill off one of the main four, so it's believable that they would introduce a new member, get the fans to buy in to her, and then have Wo Fat harm/kill her to get at Steve. If so then they probably wouldn't go to the expense of altering the main credit sequence for a character who wasn't going to last (originally) beyond 2.13. Equally, it's possible that they intended her to be permanent but that, after Jenna, they wanted to try her out first. In which case they wouldn't go to the expense of adding her to the main credits until they'd assessed viewer reaction. So now we wait - is she going, or will there be a character relaunch now that Joe is gone? Surely it has to be one or the other, because at the moment, with her character cut back, it's a waste of CBS's money and Lauren's time.


@Jeffrey: We know nothing for sure, everything is just guesswork at this point. While I would be very happy to see Lori go, I personally won't be crowing if she does. I'm very saddened by the way this whole thing has played out. They introduced her character badly, with all the press stuff about love interest and her being a 'female McGarrett' meaning she started off at a big disadvantage. Lauren herself said at SOTB that she knew she had a big mountain to climb. Then the character was poorly written, and once it became clear she was unpopular they cut her role back so much that I can't see that any actress would have had much luck with it. Add that the unpleasantness this has caused amongst the fans, and the whole thing has been a sad and sorry affair for everyone concerned. So if she goes I'll be relieved but not rejoicing.

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