House Review: Nothing Ever Changes

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Taub is bored by his children. House has a patient (Callie) he seems to relate to. Dr. Adams is self-righteous. And Foreman's affair comes to an end. 

And other than those items, "Runaways" was for the most part a filler episode. If an episode is going to be a filler, it needs to be humorous. It can't rely on boring stories about Foreman and Taub that most viewers aren't all that interested in. Remember the season six episode, "The Down Low?" It's the one where Wilson is trying to date his neighbor and House pretends he and Wilson are gay so he can get the girl? 

That one was a complete filler, but so hilarious and memorable! Don't waste the comedic potential, please. It's too vast.

A Free House

We didn't learn anything new tonight and the most positive thing I have to say about this episode is that I enjoyed the patient because she reminded me of other patients I liked. Remember the CIPA patient from "Insensitive," in season three? She couldn't feel any pain and jumped off the balcony in the lobby? She was spunky and fun and fought with her mother. 

There was also the daughter from season four's "It's a Wonderful Lie." Also spunky. Also with mother issues. If there's anything that this show likes, it's teenage girls that have a little sass, which I can definitely appreciate. House certainly seemed to take a liking to this one. But why? 

House always respects those people that make the harder choices he considers right. He tells Callie's mother, "Your daughter is better off without you. So let her be better off without you." 

While Dr. Adams seems to disagree with this choice, House sees himself in the young girl. Or would like to. I also wonder if the writers had Cuddy leaving House in mind when they wrote this. Could be totally wishful thinking, but Cuddy left House in part because he couldn't handle real pain and was addicted to Vicodin. It was a tough choice, and in the writers' minds, the right choice to leave House and move forward. Doubt they would appreciate the Cuddy/patient homeless parallel, though (Cuddy's house is wrecked by House's car, patient chooses not to live anywhere...see? It's not a stretch at all). I digress.

During the rest of the episode, Taub returns with both of his Sophias and not much else. I'm glad he's learning to be a better father, but I think his airtime can be better spent. Perhaps be House making more short jokes? Although, without this storyline, we wouldn't have seen Chase's peek-a-boo. 

And Foreman. Now that this so-called easy, breezy, risky relationship is over, he wants nothing to do with her? That's so...male. And so not Foreman from what we've seen. I'm not so sure I like that House considers him and Foreman to be similar people. How are they alike? Stubborn, smart, attractive...I'm out! If they take Foreman's need for risk somewhere, I'll be interested, but only if it goes somewhere other than another relationship.   

Does that leave us with only more about the patient left? I'm having trouble finding depth in this episode. In the end, even though Callie knows her mother is sober now, she leaves, choosing her homeless life over the more painful one of dealing with her mother's (inevitable?) relapse, thus reinforcing House's continued mantra of "People don't change."

As far as next week's episode goes, you'll love it. I've seen it and it's by far the best of this season, which yes, I know, doesn't mean all that much to some of you, but it is format-breaking and informative and dramatic, pretty much the polar opposite of this week's. I'll be thrilled if they stick with the more serious tone and dig deep into House's psyche, something I feel has been lacking from the current season. 

Same time, same place for next Monday. 


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Lol what a srrpuice. Of course they always bend the rules. Its always too good to be true. And i must say Im dissapointed for them bending the rules just because of the show.

Eludium q36

Agreed, awful filler episode that I've learned to time-shift by now. As a consequence I FF'ed through much of it, I am soooo tired of the predictable three wrong diagnoses, patient almost dies, then the surprise insight in the last five minutes. But next week's looks like a fresh break from the tired formula, so I hope to actually watch that one!


Can anyone tell me the name of the song that was playing at the end of the episode? thanks


I miss Cuddy. And this is supposed to be a drama,Not a comedy. Hope they get back to that. More hospital, less home and personal life. And please get rid of the squeeky voiced doctor they add for who knows why. Hugh L. is still a reason to watch. Great actor.


He is still popping pills?


I love bridgett mendler (callie) I thought she was fantastic and I am glad to see her doing something besides disney shows , spread those wings girl, the acting world is waiting!


Lisa, you are right about the Cuddy parallels. House knows some people are better off being alone than with an addict they can't stand after a while from the burdens of their erratic behaviors. House of all people knows this. All I can hope for is for House to see the parallels that an addict can change (and yes, people do change, some, but not all). However this POTW also showed that the abused party can never really ever trust the addict to have changed and that's just a means to self-protection. This episode seemed to try to force that Cuddy-House ending into permanence. Like you, I felt this episode was flat filler with little to no reason to watch. House was boring to some degree. Perhaps Taub is rubbing off on him? Foreman's only parallel to House is he's becoming more of an ass (wanting the forbidness rather than the woman herself). Lets hope you're right about next week's episode. I'll tune in because of your raves but I hope its worth the time. Thanks.


Best things about last night's episode: House making his team meet him for breakfast thirty miles away under the guise of "just because I can" when really he was out to spy on Foreman and the married girlfriend. House wanting to protect that girl from her mother. Seemed to me that his philosophy is that it's better to have no parent than a crappy one who doesn't care about you. The end dialogue between House and Adams. House attempting skeet shooting. But seriously...what's an ex-con doing with a shotgun? Just curious! Chase playing peek-a-boo with the Sophies House leaving that pill bottle next to the mother to prove his theory "people don't change" and then it backfiring on him. People do change, well at least sometimes. The mother changed, the daughter didn't.


I liked their field trips, but they were too short. You knew from Adams past, that she could handle a gun. So when House couldn't hit a flying elephant, you knew Adams was going to step up, and nail the bird. What I didn't believe was Adam's sudden righteousness. Adam's has been House's sidekick in the fight against the establishment. Now all of a sudden she has to make the child services call? Are they trying to change her into Masters? I agree, the Taub storyline is pathetic, move on! I liked the Foreman affair, but they did wrap it up badly.


excellent review. I didn't get much more from this episode either.
I would just like to add that as much as I'd love for your POTW/Cuddy parallel to be true, because I miss her and I would take anything connecting this season to the rest, but I don't believe this applied in this episode. To me, House's involvement with the patient reminded me of his daddy issues and how he sided with the young girl because he agrees with her. He would have been better off far from his abusive father just like in his mind she's better off far from her addicted mother. Just my two cents. Thanks.

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