Interview: Daniel Gillies on Vampire Diaries Return, Reunion, Major Episode Ahead

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I tried, Vampire Diaries fans.

I poked and prodded and hinted and tried to get Daniel Gillies to spill some details on whether or not his newly revived Original would soon be reunited with all three brothers and his sister - but he just laughed and kept making the same point when the topic arose:

"It's the season of the Originals, like Julie Plec said awhile back. I'm just gonna hide behind that."

Still, we can all read between those exciting lines, can't we?

Elijah is Back!

For awhile now, Gillies said he was "pretty confident" he'd return to Mystic Falls, expressing shock and gratitude for the fans' reaction to Elijah.

"The character just grew in popularity, more so than I ever expected him to," said the actor. "I've died four times and been resurrected four times. It's great."

So now that Elijah is back in the suspense-filled picture, what can we expect from him? How does he view the brother who recently placed him, once again, in "the big sleep," as Gillies referred to his dormant state?

"They're gonna have to put aside their differences," the star said. "Let's face it, both of us have betrayed the other in some way, Klaus obviously more prolifically than Elijah, but Elijah has done his fair share, as well."

Referring specifically to Thursday's "Bringing Out the Dead," Gillies teased the episode will "dictate the course" of the next several installments, with "terms and parameters" getting laid out for various characters.

Gillies explains Elijah's relationship with Klaus as having been "appallingly adversarial for hundreds of years" and said if there's any love at all on his character's end, it was "suppressed" a long time ago.

At this point, Elijah has one item on his agenda: getting his family back together.

The actor doesn't know (or perhaps just can't say) how long he'll be around for this time, but he couldn't stop gushing about the cast and crew on The Vampire Diaries.

"I can't tell you how much I love my job with these guys," he said. "And I really, really love Julie Plec. She's the most considerate boss I've ever had... just so diplomatic and so careful to really listen to you when you have an issue."

That really is very nice to hear, but getting back to Klaus and Rebekah and Finn and Kol and...

"It's the season of the Originals," Gillies said again.

See, I tried.

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I luv damon but in season three he is not the damon in action i knew bt klaus he is realy b/c the star of tvd but elijahis just the boost they need hope julie gives him d perfect dialogue


I thought season 2 has been the best and have been a little disappointed with season 3 until now. Bringing Elijah back really gives the show a badly needed boost. Don`t get me wrong, I love the show but just can`t stand what the writers have done with werewolves in season 2 and hybrids in season 3. I was expecting the hybrids to keep me in far more suspense and be far more powerful, like in the underworld movies, and not be boring or killed off so easily etc. I hope it`s just a matter of channeling their werewolf side and turning at will, like Tyler did, to make them more powerful etc. Cause now their lame! And now Klaus lacks the intimidating presence he had in season 2 also, in my opinion.


How incredibly charming and down to earth Daniel seems to be. That is always brest to pick up on. I don't care how long Elijah is there. I'm just so incredibly thrilled that he's back for any period of time. He has an inexplicable draw that makes him one of my favorite characters of the series.


All of you Elijah fans (yes, there are people that don't care about this guy) better enjoy him (kinky, huh?) while he's still here, b/c the actor is already part of another series...don't cry your eyes out though, there are 4 Originals left.


Ive said it before and i'll say it again,Elijah is the shows best vampire ...... PERIOD ........


I love all the originals but klaus is my favourite but i believe elijah is more scary and devilish in appearance than klaus,may be elijah is pretending to be on klaus side coz he doesn't have an ultimate weapon to defeat him just like someone said,but later on he'll help in destroying him.Can't wait.


ELIJAH! He has more presence than anyone on that screen. Im so glad he's back!!!! I want him to stay - he takes the mood, the ambience of the show to another level of mystery and power!


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I'm not quite sure what Elijah is up to but I hope that he can help out Elena again like season 2 episode 11 and put an end to Klaus cause he's already gotten too far with his rotten schemes. I can't wait to see what else happens in each upcoming episode. =) XD =P =O


He obviously loves being there on the show and the fans obviously love having him back, I just hope Julie is smart enough to keep him around permanently. Elijah is definitely my favorite original and I agree with Spindae, Klaus looks weak and frail. Whereas Elijah! The man has presence and Klaus just can't compete with that, doesn't even come close. Can't wait till Thursday to see what Elijah is up to and I hope he will find a way to rid Mystic Falls of Klaus.

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