Michael Weatherly, Wife Expecting First Child!

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Michael Weatherly and his wife of two years, Bojana Jankovic, are expecting!

"We will have a beautiful little girl," the NCIS star, 43, confirmed Thursday.

Bojana Jankovic, Michael Weatherly

Michael has a 16-year-old son, August Manning Weatherly, with his first wife, The Young and the Restless star Amelia Heinle. He was also engaged to Jessica Alba at one point.

"This is just so unbelievable to have the privilege, the opportunity to have a child all over again. We have been working on getting the house in order for her arrival. We can't wait!" he said.

"It's just such a wonderful, incredibly special time for us."

Bojana is due in the spring. Congratulations to the couple!

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This is one of the very best shows on television.


Michael, it is hard for women to hide a pregnancy, plus they would want to spend their mom/child time. A man doesn't really show any signs of it. Often, a pregnancy will have to be written into the show or the character written off. It is possible to hide it, depending on when it occurs. I'm sure if Pauley or Cote got pregnant, they would find a way around it if it didn't fit the storyline. Like big shirts, fewer episodes and trying to avoid shooting their stomach.


Congratulations to the Michale Weatherly family!!!! Please don't leave the show!


Congradulations Michael.. I am so very happy for you and your lovely wife.
I am sure your little girl will have Dad wrapped right around her little finger in no time... Good Luck on NCIS.. I will be watching every episode..even the reruns...


wonderful news!!! congratulations to Michael and Bojana ,also to August, who will have a beautiful sister to spoil. :)


Congrats to both.:D


Not to take anything away from Michael, congrats on the baby, but why is Lauren Holly not coming back for the 200th episode. Many of the other characters that were killed off thru the years are returning, why not her??
Muse Watson, the man who played Paci, and alot of other characters probably will be returning - what happened to Lauren?????


Im not saying he will but that why Slash and Lauren left because they were both about to have a kid


I first heard about this on youtube and was like WHAT?!!! Then read it and thought..well it's confirmed then. I must say I was very shocked and suprised to hear about the news. Congrats to the both of them. And it's nice to wait until after the fourth month to say the news. :) God I hope he doesn't leave NCIS. He's the reason I watch the show.


So I wonder if he will leave the show? its funny Kate left the show to take care of her first child Lauren Holly left the show to be with her three children I wonder if Michael will leave to be with his two children

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