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Gibbs will travel down memory lane and then some February 7th when NCIS airs its 200th episode. The milestone event, titled "Life Before His Eyes," explores certain "What If" angles, according to TV Line.

Executive producer Gary Glasberg tells Matt Mitovich, “It very much is about a pivotal moment that Gibbs faces."

"It literally looks back at key moments through nine years of NCIS where decisions had to be made, and had people gone in one direction instead of another, how the world would have ended up.”

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With 199 episodes worth of material, and some events that fans recall intimately years after the fact, NCIS could go in any number of directions with this. Including bringing back some old faces.

Glasberg says that in the much-hyped 200th episode, will be “familiar faces, old faces, and faces the fans didn’t think they’d see again…. It was a lot of fun. It was a challenge, but it was a lot of fun.”

At the end of the day, Gibbs comes away from the episode with “the realization that the decisions he has made were meant to be. As he looks around NCIS, he realizes that this is where he should be.”

Much of the installment takes place in large part at a diner, never before seen on NCIS, Gibbs gets his morning coffee - he goes there a lot, obviously. It will also look at existing relationships differently.

Tony and Ziva will meet, for instance, but under circumstances that mark a drastic departure from how it went down years ago, as Kate (Sasha Alexander) has never left us in this alternate universe.

Mike Franks (Muse Watson) will be one of the familiar faces making a cameo.

“For the first time, I didn’t know what was going to happen [in a scene],” Michael Weatherly says of the scene. “I literally had to concoct in my mind seven years of ‘What if there was no Ziva in Tony’s life?’”

“The character [Cote de Pablo] brought was so different from her normal Ziva.”

Vance, conspicuously absent from this week's NCIS and other recent installments, will still be the agency's director, however, “There are some real weird, dreamlike juxtapositions,” Rocky Carroll said.

“There are a lot of surreal, ‘How did we all end up at the same table?’ moments.”

One scene sure to get people talking? Gibbs is approached by a hooded stranger at the diner, toting a pistol. As he IDs himself, a shot is fired from someone’s gun. Make of that what you will in the comments below.

UPDATE: The episode format is said to be loosely based on the 1998 movie, Sliding Doors.

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NCIS is my favorite show!!!!! I don't get how Kate comes back?????????


I wonder if Jenny is also in this episode somehow. I mean they brought Kate back, why not Jenny. I think it would be Really Really cool to see Jenny Shepard again.


Wonder if they will explore "What If Shannon & Kelly hadn't been murdered"?


What if… Ziva is the one going rogue and not Ari!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


I believe Rocky Caroll said at TCA that he would still be director, but there would be some changes. And Gary Glasberg said that Lauren Holly wouldn't appear.


I have a question who will be NCIS DIRECTOR? Vance Jenny" Shepard or tom morrow the first one


Last post promise! I want a scene like, totally normal. McGee walks into the squardroom and says goodmorning. Tony and McGee argue a little, then Tony turns to the desk across from his and says something like:"What do you think?"
And then BAM!! KATE! :D


Didn't finish: And the whole first meet, wow I can't begin to imagen the ways they could meet! They kin of gave something away when saying they had to pretend they hadn't known each other for the past 7 years, which must mean that they meet in present day right? in 2012? Let's see:
I want a really sexy, dark scene at a bar, Tony being undercover and all hot! Or Ziva interrogating him, because THAT would just be awesome! xD
Or maybe, I'm just throwing it out there: They meet and fall in love. Now. No complications or anything! Like, Tony wants Ziva because she's the only one he can't have (her being Mossad and all)
But I do wonder, if Kate never left, which stories would have happened that didn't involve Ziva?


So we have Mike Franks and Ari confirmed for the episode, it'll be epic!
Gary Glasberg confirmed at the TCA that Lauren Holly wouldn't be there (BUHU!) But he told us to watch when asked about Kate... GAAAAAAH I WOULD SCREAM SO LOUD I WOULD WAKE UP PEOPLE ACROSS THE UNIVERSE!! That would be so aweeeeeeesome! I recently rewatched season 1 and 2, and realized that as much as I love Ziva, Kate really was a great character too.


I'm kinda' guessing that the shooter of the hooded stranger will be the ghosts of either Director Shepard or Mike Franks---kind of a flashback to Season 5's 'Judgement Day' episodes. It would be fun to see some of Lauren Holly and/or Muse Watson again,...I know alot of us really hated to see NCIS lose the Mike Franks character.

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