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NCIS Episode Preview: "A Desperate Man"

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NCIS returns to CBS tomorrow night with an all-new episode, "Housekeeping," in which Scott Wolf, Sarah Jane Morris and the Phantom Eight storyline return. Check out photos and an NCIS promo for that episode.

Next week, on January 10, another past guest star makes an appearance - Enrique Murciano as Ray Cruz, a.k.a. CI-Ray. How will Ziva respond when Ray returns ... with a ring box? We'll find out soon enough!

In “A Desperate Man,” a Navy lieutenant commander is found dead in a building under construction, leading NCIS to search for a killer while dealing with interruptions from her distraught detective husband.

Meanwhile, Ray’s return has Ziva thinking about her future, for obvious reasons. Are you looking forward to Ray's return? Think he'll be sticking around longer this time? Share your comments with us below!

Gibbs and Team Members

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ssyn loved your comment michael spreads lies all over about ziva i try to ignore him but i cant.


OK, Michael..
I may be new to this forum, but I have read enough of your misinformation. First, in "Shalom", Ziva says,"I am an investigator" when she takes the tape recorder off. No longer an assassin.
Next, I believe you say she betrayed Gibbs. If you would actually pay attention, you would remember her conversation with Gibbs, she told him that she took the assignment because sbe believed Ari wasn't rogue. When she heard him talking to Gibbs, she knew Ari killed Kate and was going to kill Gibbs. When she shot Ari, she wasn't following orders...she was doing the right thing. Jenny Shepard liked her for a reason. And I personally think you DON'T like her because she is beautiful, strong, sexy, brilliant and that type of woman threatens men like you.


Really ncis. I mean really !!! Tony gets girl. Tony loses girl - ziva gets guy,ziva loses guy ! We've seen it over and over, season after season!!! Ho hum,, let's finally see some real romance with tony and ziva!! We can handle it, we crave it!!! What's with those writers, we can't keep watchin the same boredom!


belive me michael what i say will he.tappen just wait and see.


Where your proof Janet


men will come into ziva's life just as women will be in tony's life but in the end we all know that tony and the beautiful ziva will be together and thats how it should be so people get use to it tiva forever.


@michael anyone can write obscene language. but i will never degrade myself like you do with all the lies you write.


tiva is better than more e.j. or ray. ncis is better withnonly the original team.


i wish ziva will say no and stay with ncis. she is my favorite character. dont marry ray!!!!


HEY! *Gibbs-slaps the hotheads* if the characters weren't a little larger than life and flamboyant and special (or Very special...) how very dull THAT would be and why would anyone watch?