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NCIS Promo: Will Ziva Get Engaged?!

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The phone call that ended last night's NCIS episode signaled the return of CI-Ray Cruz. Ziva hesitated, but picked up, and apparently he's determined to make the most of his opportunity, from the looks of next week's promo.

CBS' synopsis says that in "A Desperate Man," Ray’s return has Ziva thinking about her future. That's an understatement. A guy getting down on one knee will do that. The question is how Ms. David will respond.

Will she say yes to Enrique Murciano's Ray? Should she? Weigh in with your comments below.

Meanwhile, after a Navy lieutenant commander is found dead in a building under construction, the NCIS team must search for a killer while dealing with interruptions from her distraught detective husband.

Read our NCIS review from last night if you missed it, then watch the promo here:

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Tony and Ziva are perfect for each other and ray doesn't stand a chance against Tiva.I can't wait until they get's slowly killing me on the inside. :'(


Tiva forever!:) Ray is just so rude to ziva he barley talks to her! Who cares about rule umber 12 ! There is more meaning in life then don't date ur coworker I mean just because it didn't work with Gibbs and Jenny doesn't mean it won't work with them ! And it's also obvious Abby & McGhee like like each other! Gibbs needs to put stuff behind himself


sshe does not say yes because ray kills to ppl!!!


She does not choose ray because ray kills 2 ppl!!!!!!!


Just cos someone gets engaged doesn't mean they get married


PART 2 Cherish every moment........ and they shall. It seems the writers are going to give us what we yearn for, eventually..not because we want it, but because their characters were headed down that road all along. See you next time fellow very special agents..


So who else in a "Tiva" haze? I have been 'tweeting' during NCIS for years now and I have never seen such a wonderful and emotional reaction - sans our dear "Mike Franks death". There were so many fantastic clues and subtleties dropped throughout the episode. You could see the change in Tony, no longer the clown - he has changed in a very dramatic way and a very good way! It is time for our 'team' to grow up and they are..and you can see a change in the direction of their lives, which is a normal development of LIFE and career. Tony now , doing all he can to hold his tongue and encourage Ziva..during her decision process was so heartwrenching yet selfless..was he afraid? Ziva was in fact sending signals to him.."Well what should I do?" He allowed her to make the decision on her own and she did and I think relieved for it. Gibbs and his tenderness with Ziva..... priceless.. and the ending..


Well,...these comments are post-watching of 'A Desparate Man',so here goes:
First, I can't help but think that the NCIS writers/producers have done it again,...this episode was obviously taped way before any of (the majority of) us NCIS fans showed disdain for Ray and/or his relationship with Ziva, but they were right on with this ending (sorry veronica & Alicia)!!
Finally, Nancy were spot on about Ray, but, c'mon, think about what else you wrote---you hate shows that keep you guessing, yet you've never missed an NCIS episode?...the guessing is what keeps us all coming back and even though most episodes have climax/finality,...there is still some intertwining of relationships/circumstances/cases that have been the hallmark of NCIS for nearly 200 episodes,...and why so many millions of us watch and why advertisers have paid billions (yes,...that's with a 'b') of dollars marketing on NCIS over the years!!


Just say no Ziva or we will call your father. Period. There I solved it. As for "the show is more than Tiva" -- where? Besides P2P and certain other singular episodes, tell me who really cares about who killed who? We don't pay attention . Mark Harmon himself said the success of the show is the characters relationships and how they interact -- For those who are full of righteous indignation that some of us just want that 'happy ending' with our Tiva.. back off -- we get an hour a week to escape, let us. TIVA LIVES and Ray don't even try it.


I am sick and tired of the pussy-footing around with Ziva and Tony. I think that in at the end of the series, these 2 will end up together. But for now, to keep the series interesting, they can't. Will they or won't they keeps the viewers interested. I don't trust CI Ray - his hands are dirty somewhere along the line, and I think if Ziva does say yes to his proposal tonight, eventually it will all come out - or he will be killed off, or just go off into the sunset!!!!! I hate shows that keep us constantly guessing, and NCIS is approaching that venue. They give you little tidbits one week, thinking you will get a somewhat answer the following week, but you never do. I have this series from day one and have never missed an episode, even if I have to DVR it!!!! I am getting alittle tired though of not getting answers to romance.