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NCIS Promo: Will Ziva Get Engaged?!

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The phone call that ended last night's NCIS episode signaled the return of CI-Ray Cruz. Ziva hesitated, but picked up, and apparently he's determined to make the most of his opportunity, from the looks of next week's promo.

CBS' synopsis says that in "A Desperate Man," Ray’s return has Ziva thinking about her future. That's an understatement. A guy getting down on one knee will do that. The question is how Ms. David will respond.

Will she say yes to Enrique Murciano's Ray? Should she? Weigh in with your comments below.

Meanwhile, after a Navy lieutenant commander is found dead in a building under construction, the NCIS team must search for a killer while dealing with interruptions from her distraught detective husband.

Read our NCIS review from last night if you missed it, then watch the promo here:

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Ziva should pick ray bacause she sees tony as brother. If they were to hook up the show would go from a two hit team to a lovely dovely team. And what about agennt Stratton i don't think we seen last of him .As seen determine to do anything to take care E.J and Tony. plus gibbs seemed little threaten by what agent Stratton had on him.


Take a deep breath, Tiva people! Now pay attention. The show is about more than Tiva. Surely, you've been through this with other shows. Tony and Ziva are never going to get together. (Didn't any of you watch Gilmore Girls?) And despite your absolute statements that fans will hate this, speak for yourselves. Those of us who enjoy the show as a whole don't necessarily drink the Tiva Kool Aid. Personally, I don't want any of the characters to ever "get together". I'm fine with the occasional flirtations, but anything more might ruin the dynamic of the team. However, if they do go down that road, I won't get hysterical and threaten to never watch again. I have faith in the creators/writers/producers of this show that they'll be entertaining, no matter where they take us. Don't any of you get tired of writing the same rants over and over, year after year?


Ray is handsome and sexy, besides being nice and sweet, while Tony is a clown! Ziva should choose Ray!


I really hope she says no I want her and Tony together as well they are perfect for each other and who cares about rule number 12 Tony dated EJ and she was on the team, Gibbs didn't like it but he knew there was nothing he could do about it. And I don't think Gibbs would have a problem with Tony and Ziva if he does who says they have to even tell him. So I didn't see any reason to tell Gibbs anyways. He should be happy for them if they get together and I also don't see it being distracting as long as they don't let it be. Tony and Ziva are professionals.


CiaRay looks like he could Dick Yorks son with those ears. But I seen hin on a different show n his ears aren't as big


Michael, rule 12 is not an actual law. It's not against official NCIS policy to date co-workers, in real life and on the show. Watch Dead Reflection and Two Faced again. EJ even states it is not against official policy and Tony talks about it too. It is only Gibbs' rule, and the writers have Gibbs being a hypocrite at times. After all, he slept with Jenny when they were partners. Its do as I say, not as I do with his team. I can see his not wanting his team to make mistakes that he went through but like I said, they are adults.


No CIRay is up to no good I can just feel it I dont want Ziva hurt again plus they have barley spoken it just all very odd to me why would you marry someone after being gone 7 weeks I have a feeling this is going to end badly and the last thing I want is something more for Ziva to be hurt by plus this Tiva fan hated CIRay from the start


I don't want ziva to marry that ugly Ray guy!!!! Tony & Ziva forever!!!! The show will not end cause of their relationship. Im pretty sure they'll keep their relationship professional at work! Ugh but I hope she says NO!


@Jenni There nothing professional about sleeping with your coworkers that why its illegal


I hope as a strong, independent female that Ziva clearly gives Ray the boot. The loser barely calls her. Even if he was on a mission he could at least text her now and then. And he has terrible hair on top of it all and she has zero chemistry with him. Tony has respect for her and they have chemistry. Also, at lot of people mention rule 12 and the issues with that. Rule 12 has always bothered me from the perspective that these people on Gibbs' team are all adults. If Tony and Ziva got together or Abby and McGee ever got back together, one would think they all could be professional about it.