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NCIS Promo: Will Ziva Get Engaged?!

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The phone call that ended last night's NCIS episode signaled the return of CI-Ray Cruz. Ziva hesitated, but picked up, and apparently he's determined to make the most of his opportunity, from the looks of next week's promo.

CBS' synopsis says that in "A Desperate Man," Ray’s return has Ziva thinking about her future. That's an understatement. A guy getting down on one knee will do that. The question is how Ms. David will respond.

Will she say yes to Enrique Murciano's Ray? Should she? Weigh in with your comments below.

Meanwhile, after a Navy lieutenant commander is found dead in a building under construction, the NCIS team must search for a killer while dealing with interruptions from her distraught detective husband.

Read our NCIS review from last night if you missed it, then watch the promo here:

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Hey, Im from Spain, I am 14 years old. I know It will be a pity if Tony and Ziva end toghether because the show will maybe end. But in the other hand I want Ziva and Toni toghether as soon as possible. They ar meant to be toghether.
I think Ziva will say Yes first and Tony will do the impossible to sabotage that answer. Finally Ziva will realise she loves Tony and they will end toghether.


I would love to see Tony and Ziva together (I really want to) , but it isn´t realistic, I don´t think they could be together , because of Gibbs, he would be a problem. And I don´t hate Ray, if he makes Ziva happy that´s great


Prediction: Ziva may initially say yes to CIRay, but she'll realize in short order that he's a standard operational CIA jerk, the type NCIS agents always hated. She wants something relatively solid, and Ray is less dependable than Kort! Besides, Tony will do his best to sabotage any Ziva-CIRay union.
Note to writers: have an NCIS table at Palmer's wedding, and let them all get drunk and rowdy! It happens at weddings: and funerals and please, no more of them for a while!


nooo, please say NO omg, TiVa 4eva..


I think Tony will like the competition for Ziva if she says yes to Ray. And she will finally see that they need to be together!!


Here what Im thinking she said yes then find out Ray Kill her dad and then it make Ziva quit NCIS to take her fathers place


I think she will say yes bringing in a love triangle but something will happen with CIRay I suspect something it would be nice if it was a big Tiva episode but something big is going to start happening maybe Ziva gets herself in trouble with him I mean she seems to have that happen with her boyfriends but I dont see her actually marrying CIRay


Do not let Tony and Ziva get together. It will end the show.
Other TV shows have ended when two people get together after a lengthy
courtship. Keep the mystery alive between Tony and Ziva. As for CI Ray?
I have no opinion. Love the show. Keep it alive and well!!


PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT LET ZIVA MARRY CIA RAY!! Ziva belongs with Tony!!! And anyways, Ray is dirty. If you remember from an earlier episode, Ray received a call that took him to Israel. I believe he is up to no good. Writers if you are reading this comment, PLEASE LET TIVA explore their relationship. This has been a LONG, LONG, LONG time coming.


How sad... I know it's a director complicating stories but what Ziva and Tony needed for a looooong time was a simple "I care for you. I do not care what you say in return. I do care for you" that type of honesty. Why fears? Why 9 years of painful tension. I know how it is to be in love with an attractive soulmate coworker, it is unbearable. Noone is so "professional" to suffer through that. We can reason a lot of things through, but heart is what makes sense in life. To the director: I want normality. I want Ziva and Tony happy together. Like we are in our daily lives. Is this pain so sexy and thrilling? I do not watch NCIS for guessing if if they make it together. I watch ot for cases they solve, answers they provide to people. Tony and Ziva married, yes! And quickly! Like most of normal happy people in love on this Earth do! And they still work for inteligence, police, whatever...