New Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: WWDD?

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What will Dan do?

That is the question surrounding this new clip from the 100th episode of Gossip Girl, and while the answer is far from clear, this should nevertheless come as a welcome surprise to Dair Nation.

After Nate calls Chuck on the day of the wedding, Mr. Bass insists his plans for the day do not involve going anywhere near the main event ... but implies that someone else may well sabotage the ceremony.

That being Daniel Humphrey himself, who is walking side-by-side with Nate as he's on the phone. His response to that accusation is certainly not one of incredulity or denial. What's he up to?! Let the speculation begin.

We know Blair makes it to the altar and that Dan is up there with the wedding party (see earlier sneak preview clip) and that it may not end well (see photos from the February 6 episode). Beyond that ... you tell us.

Check out the clip below and comment with your theories:

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    @dover, I suppose we'll have to agree to disagree about this one. Perhaps they should have devised a "Freenglish Intervention" for Blair.


    @ Uncle Jackass:
    Ok, I think I´d find Dan´s vows romantic if he wasn´t supporting Blair in making one of the greatest mistakes of her life. Or if he really believed that marrying Louis would make Blair happy. Or if there weren´t so many plot holes there. Louis just thought that Dan was >Blair´s secret lover. Why would he ask Dan of all people to write his vows?


    @ Uncle Jackass:
    I just don´t think that being a good friend means supporting whatever decision your friend makes. Sometimes you just have to kick your friend´s ass in order to lead them in the right direction.

    My problem is that neither Dan nor Serena were shown trying to help Blair. They know that she won´t be happy in a loveless marriage and thus they should at least try harder to stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life. Dan just supported whatever she did and Serena merely remarked that Blair´s pact with God was crazy. It´s just that they gave up too early and way too easily. If they had tried to persuade her to truly reconsider her decision or maybe even led her to some professional who could help her, I´d accept that they just gave up.


    Continued... As to whether Dan writing Louis's vows is considered romantic it is a matter of having a Dair perspective. We would state that Dan respects Blair's wish to marry Louis despite his own wishes. The Selflessness lies in that that the action won't or shouldn't be benefiting himself. Also, for whatever reason Blair is affirmed to not have a reunion with Chuck and Dan has to respect that again.

    I suppose it's no different than Chuck's action in season 2 of rigging the Prom Queen voting system to get Blair and Nate's happy ending irrelevant of him looking like a the villain. Or the countless times he has pushed and schemed to reunite Blair back to Louis.

    Whatever the reason... I have sinking feeling Louis is here to stay.


    @dover, I suppose to answer that question I refer to a Matrix statement about free will which is that "The Answer lies in the choice." Irrelevant, for one's greater good or behavior the coin termed 'Fate' which refers to the inability to make a choice can also be referred to letting an action run it's course.

    In the case of Blair's action, she's behavior is indicative of a person punishing herself for her choices that lead to hurting Chuck(hence the transference of using a God force). Both Serena and Dan have tried to relay the logic behind not marrying Louis to no avail. Hence Blair's affirmed in running through this course of action as her pathway of redemption; irrelevant how stupid it sounds on paper.


    I really don´t get why Dan writing Louis´vows is supposed to be romatic. I would be incredibly pissed to find out something like that, no matter how well writen and nice the actual vows were. Not only would it turn out that my fiance doesn´t know me at all, but that both he and my close friend are going behind my back. I actually don´t get both Dan´s and Serena´s behaviour! They know that Blair doesn´t love Louis and yet they support this crazy and stupid wedding? What the fuck?!


    @Chair can never be friends forever(lovers only) yea the devil's threeway


    @kevin you mean threesome?


    @xoxo and Chair can never be friends forever(lovers only)what if blair be with chuck and dan in the same time? kinky


    @xoxo "chair are never over"?

    so what does that say for dair getting together and riding off into set living happily ever after? i guess that's a never.(lol)

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