New Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice Crossover to Feature Amelia, Derek and Lexie

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It's official, fans: Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice are doing another crossover episode.

One that takes place after the alternate reality crossover, and features different characters.

Following the "If/Then" episode of Grey's - which takes place in alternate reality in which Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) alive and Addison (Kate Walsh) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) are still married, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) will head up to Seattle Grace for an episode slated for mid-February.

Derek and Lexie (Chyler Leigh) will then appear in the Private Practice hour of the crossover.

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During last season's crossover event, Derek's sister also made the trip, venturing to Seattle Grace in hopes of reconciling with her estranged brother. The two had not been on speaking terms in many years.

Amelia turned to drugs while grieving the death of her father, who was shot and killed in front of her and Derek. Now that she's getting clean after an intervention, the siblings will have plenty to talk about.

Details are scant at the moment regarding the storyline of the multi-show arc, but you'll know as soon as we do. Thoughts on the upcoming crossover episodes? Fan? Not a fan? Exciting? Lame? Discuss!

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well seeing as Derek and Lexie are trying to do cases that everyone else says no to and that are in operable, im guessing he goes to seattle to operate on Masons mum's inoperable tumour!
Its simple when you think about it! x


@uklass Just check out the TVfanatic NCIS page that talks about NCIS being number1. GA is number 20, Grey's is doing better than all right this year This is where we get into the overall numbers/demo argument .This week NCIS had the most viewers but Grey's has the largest demo for a drama (2nd overall).Revenue wise Grey's makes more money as its worked out from the demo not the total viewers .


I just guess we won't be seeing all of Der's family visiting to meet their newest family memeber if we have see Amy visiting, again. Shonda's reliance on cross overs to boost PP's ratings is sad. GA is doing alright, PP is way less popular. Just check out the TVfanatic NCIS page that talks about NCIS being number1. GA is number 20, PP is a lot lower.


It's about time really, I don't think they can ignore the fact that Amelia is Derek's sister any longer. Derek never even mentions his sister. Hopefully these crossover episodes will focus on their relationship. I'm not bothered about Derek travelling with Lexie - as she is his resident and it makes sense. Derek isn't joined at the hip to Meredith they are both independent individuals.


Crossover episodes are usually fun so I'm looking forward to these. PP fans were hoping for Derek to make an appearance during Amelia's intervention etc but maybe she'll go to him in Seattle once she's much better and ready for it. As for Derek going to LA with Lexie, it's safe to assume it'll be because of a case since Lexie's his resident now. It'll be interesting to see how they fall into the SW setting. And as someone said earlier, seeing Cristina in that setting would be even better!


I love the crossover episode's and with Amelia going to visit Seattle again it's not Derek coming to Los Angeles will be a neuro case maybe one of Amelia's patients that is inoperable and she get's her brother involved to see what his magic hands can do.
Also maybe the fact that it's part of Amelia's rehab she has to apologise to everyone she has hurt in the past as part of the steps to recovery, so that would include Derek. As well as the chance to meet her new neice.


Lexie has become such an overwhelming character Are we watching the same show .Lexie has hardly been on the show for the past year .She had her time reduced for the back end of season 7 when Chyler was off making a movie and also had personal issues with her eldest kid (at times she was getting as much screentime as TR got in his final season ).And this season was missing completely for the first 5 episodes after taking more time off. And way to pick out 1 quote from the 6 interviews she did that night .But then the HuffPo interview she did that week where she said that she loved all the cast and hoped they would all be staying on doesn't make for hits on websites does it


She never "said things" to Ellen, she was asked in an interview if she would like to take over the "grey" in grey's anatomy, if Ellen were to (VOLUNTARILY) leave, and Chyler said of course. Who wouldn't....these characters are fiction and separate from their real lives. It's a job, I would do it too, and Ellen doesn't seem to mind. I for one want the show to stay on as long as possible no matter who one is being forced to leave anyway, i mean they are choosing to


What did Chyler say to Ellen?


I hate the fact that Lexie's the one coming along with Derek. It should be Mer. Such a stupid idea, really.
I'm sorry dear Chyler fans, but I've stopped loving her ever since she said things to Ellen and ever since Lexie has become such an overwhelming character (the new Mark's girlfriend). It's always the same with her, over and over again.

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