Pan Am Review: The Dawn of a New Age

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"New Frontiers" opened the doors for adventures for all of our characters. Colette met a prince, Laura was the subject at an art gallery and Kate played with her new spy prowess.

Ted, Amanda and Maggie in a triangle?
Maggie's gaydar was going off like crazy and she decided to tell Ted about what happened with Amanda. He refused to hear what she was saying, but it was on his mind. I find it so distressing to watch people go into a commitment such as marriage with so little knowledge of what they're getting into. Even though it was the norm in the 60s, it doesn't make me feel any better.

Kelli Garner as Kate

I was expecting the underground clique of homosexuals that met on the now defunct The Playboy Club to chide Amanda for marrying. She was exactly the type of person who would have graced that group: Monied and desperate to change the social mores so that she could carry on her life as she wanted, rather than as expected.

Amanda is trying desperately to convince Ted they are making the right decision, but their first attempt at making love was a disaster. I was wondering how long they could keep up the charade when Amanda told him about her feelings for women and her desire to marry so they could both live their own lives with the protection of a sham union. Ted will never agree to that.

Laura is simply gorgeous
There is nothing else to say about Margot Robbie. She's stunning. The photos of Laura in the gallery were provocative without being pornographic, but I understood her hesitation at finding them on display. The first thought that came to me was this: what if Pan Am found out? Surely the company has some sort of decency clause in their contract.

The artist who wanted to buy Laura's photos? Andy Warhol. I'm a huge fan of the cultural aspect that Warhol brought here, and I felt a tingle of joy for Laura at his interest in her. I wish all of her girlfriends could see her pictures. Maggie, especially, would be so impressed. Looking at Laura's photos, I felt the same magic I felt when looking at photos of Edie Sedgewick, a Warhol protege.

Did Bridget just disappear?
Colette is doing everything in her power to stay away from Dean, and his jealous nature is showing. I like it. It's a shame he needed to sleep with Bridget before he realized how much Colette meant to him. I thought she was assigned to their crew, but she was nowhere to be found. Perhaps she asked for reassignment when Dean turned her down.

A lost passenger boarded their flight very late, and my first thought was that if he boarded in 2012, he'd be kicked off for terrorism. Taken with Colette and she with him, he was indeed a wanted man. A prince. No wonder the poor guy wanted to be unnoticed. Choosing a less attractive date and a more secluded function might have been a good idea if he wanted to stay hidden.

Dean was so certain he was the smuggler. But he was wrong again.

Kate is learning new spy skills
Looking absolutely gorgeous while trying out her pickpocketing skills on unwitting friends and strangers, nobody was safe from Kate's charms. The outfit she wore to the Pan Am function, her hair and her makeup were all perfect. I would willingly allow her to steal my wallet to get closer to her.

Kate really does have the gift for spying. With her charm and her teacher, she was able to pick the same fellows pockets three times, finally achieving success. Thankfully, this wasn't expected of her in the Soviet Union episode. I've heard Italian men are womanizers, and it worked in her favor.

The last scene of Pan Am recreated the reaction of Americans as they found out John F. Kennedy was shot. The momentum of the program has really picked up, and the inclusion of current events takes you back to the era. Perhaps my own appreciation of Pan Am can help sway ABC into keeping it on the schedule.


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I really like this show, and the stories are definitely getting more complex and interesting. But the numbers aren't good. It would be a huge hit on a cable network, but for a broadcast most likely won't get picked up for another season. That's sad, because I would watch rather watch this than the 20+ reality shows all over the broadcast networks. All I can do is enjoy the last 2 episodes and keep my fingers crossed.


I'm going to miss this show!!!!


I really do enjoy this show and I hope it makes it!!!


I was cracking up at Kate's pick pocketing. No one was safe. Poor Dean and Colette. They're my favorites.


The forgotten episode "Romance Languages" (which should have preceded the sailors episode two months ago) is airing on February 12 and will really throw the continuity out of the window (that's when Laura took the nude photos), then the final episode that normally would have followed "New Frontiers" will be on February 19. You definitely can see where the writers would have taken the series if the network had shown some faith in it. But the last couple of episodes have been akin to students about to graduate in a week but still have a couple of thesis papers to write, so they are cramming to get them done.


This was far from a great episode. It wasn't horrible, but there was waaaaay too much crammed into 40 minutes. Five separate stories that had equal weight, and none of them were developed to the point they should have been, which meant no character development at all and little interaction between the six regulars. Each of the regulars had about six to eight minutes of screen time spread across around four scenes, which is ridiculous. Colette has been the most complex and developed character over the course of the series, but the character hadn't been this two-dimensional since the pilot. All of the storylines had enormous potential, and this episode should have taken place over the course of three or four episodes rather than one. It's as if the writers wanted to shoehorn in various ideas once they realized they weren't getting a full season. These could have been great story arcs instead of just barely grazing the treetops.


@TVF168 Laura took those pictures in between two previous episodes. She told Kate, Colette and Maggie about it that time they were playing truth or dare (?) on the plane when Ted and Dean found them.


And Kate sucked as a pick-pocket. She didn't strike me as being dumb enough to practice on her co-workers. Couldn't she get fired for that?


There is no episode next week or Feb 5. I think it's back Feb 12 and it's the episode they skipped. It's called "Romancing...something". I think Ginni is back (or still in the picture) and I think it's the episode where Laura actually took the nude photos. Because although they showed her taking them in the "Previously on Pan Am" we haven't actually seen it happen.


I love Pan Am. My friends and I actually love this show so much. Hopefully it won't get cancelled :(.

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