The Vampire Diaries Clip: Breaking It to Bonnie

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Whether or not Jeremy is away from The Vampire Diaries for an extended period of time - following Elena's decision to compel him this week, which we debate in our latest Round Table - this much is certain:

He'll appear on next Thursday's new episode, "Our Town."

Elena will give Bonnie a chance to say goodbye to her ex, in fact, as depicted in the following sneak peek. Watch as the latter reacts to this unexpected news, which interrupts her talk of how the group will celebrate Caroline's 18th birthday:

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I stteard the first book - Awakening and was so annoyed by Elena that I couldn't finish it... hopefully she gets better over time! I plan to try reading it again, thanks for the review!

David and sabrina 2014

Things will go crazy for the next episode and we'll see how Caroline's birthday turns out to be. I can't wait for more upcoming episodes. XD =) =O =P


In 2x20 damon rescued Forwood, than Got bitten and went after that to Klaus offering himself for the ritual!! Than klaus told him that he had Jules in back up! Klaus knocked him down and made Katarina call Jenna out of the house for punish! Before that Klaus took Elena and send her with Greta to the sacriface place!
In 2x21 Elijah told Klaus took her for punishment!


i think a mistake was made,you know elijah said klaus take jenna as a punishment for meddling coz damon rescued forwood,but remember when klaus came to take elena she wasn't in the salvatore house and at that time klaus didn't even know that caroline and tyler have been rescued and he got jules before that,and when damon showed up to tell him to postpone the rituals his explanation made it seem like he wasn't planning on using tyler and caroline,they are back up plan.I think it was only john's death that was damon's fault coz if he didn't try to turn elena into a vampire john would have been alive.


He asked Katarina to do it after damon released forwood!


@Spindae:Technically it wasn't damon's fault that jenna got killed(even though he admitted to alaric that it was his fault)i think klaus was planning on using jenna in the first place,you know he asked katherine to do something for him after caroline and tyler were captured,katherine called jenna to lure her out,then klaus made her drink his blood and then killed her,and jenna was already at steven's querry(were the sacrifise took place)even before damon rescued forwood.klaus kept them as a back up plan in case something happened and damon rescued them to postponed the rituals so that elena will get over the fact that he tried to turn her into a vampire.


@VampBarbie yes Klaus had a backup plan that included Jules and Jenna, so it's Damon fault that they are dead and not Elena! Cause Klaus wanted initially to kill forwood, and not Jenna and Jules! THAT IS THE WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!


Yeah i think bonnie deserve a chance to say good bye to jeremy even though i don't like beremy that much but they deserve that chance.I can't wait for this coming episode mainly coz of caroline and stelena.


Sorry @Spindae you need to rewatch it because Klaus tells Damon his sabotage was for nothing because he had a back up plan. Then Damon tells Klaus to take him to sacrifice but because Damon was bit by Tyler he was tainted. That's why klaus left Damon a live because he new he was going to die.


@VampireBarbie he went after Jenna when he confronted and knocked out Damon in his appartment, after that Katarina called Jenna to Lure her out!! when Damon was infected by the Tyler's bite! Rewatch the episode, and U will see that Elijah said the same!

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