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The Vampire Diaries Music from "Our Town"

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What a great episode of The Vampire Diaries this week, from a high-speed chase toward a bridge to an L bomb from Tyler to a murder in the woods in Mystic Falls.

Tyler vs. Klaus

And, as always, there was an abundance of well-suited songs to carry us through various scenes. We've updated our collection of Vampire Diaries music to reflect "Our Town," making it easy to purchase a slew of singles off iTunes. Check out the sampling below to see what we mean:

  Song Artist
Coldplay-up-in-flames Up in Flames Coldplay iTunes
Gemma-hayes-keep-running Keep Running Gemma Hayes iTunes
The-airborne-toxic-event-goodbye-horses Goodbye Horses The Airborne Toxic Event iTunes
Courrier-between Between Courrier iTunes

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