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The Vampire Diaries Episode Preview: To Beat a Villain...

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Don't worry. We aren't done talking about the events from last night's epic return of The Vampire Diaries, which included a certain kiss between a certain pair of characters.

As always, readers are encouraged to discuss it in our Vampire Diaries forum, and we'll soon post our weekly staff Round Table discussion of the episode.

But let's briefly take a look ahead, as well: On next Thursday's "Our Town," Stefan will take his plan for revenge directly to Klaus, threatening the man in charge unless he removes his hybri army from Mystic Falls. How does Stefan plan to topple such a villain? He tells Damon in the following promo:

Elsewhere on the episode:

  • It's Caroline's 18th birthday, but she can't get excited over the party.
  • Bonnie learns of Elena's plans for Jeremy.
  • Alaric runs into Dr. Fell arguing with her ex-boyfriend.
  • Tyler is surprised by Klaus' reaction when he refuses to go along with an order.

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I said the same thing in my first theories video! It's inertesting that those two actors have such great chemistry together. The writers would never throw that into the mix. Would be a slap in the face to Elena!


Now am almost sure that Damon will be with Elina


It's like a chess game. Your move Steffy. Can't wait to see this "massive" heartbreaking Stelena scene. This should be good. I am so enjoying Paul Wesley's acting skills this season. He is awesome. And he's got some great material to work with this week. Yeah!


Ok Damon and Elena kissed but I love Stefan and Elena together! Stefan still loves Elena he's just trying so hard to get rid of klaus that he hurts her along the way. I think he will come around they need to get back togethet


i hope this is the last time we would be seeing DELENA together,because their relationship will hurt somany people,elena should know better.


LOL guys we just had an epic delena kiss.. we just need to wait patiently.. I'm sure we'll get more scenes, but this episode is going to be just as great. I want to know where Caroline is and what Stefan is going to do when Klaus kicks his arse. LMAO sorry major Klaus fan. I like ripper Stefan too mind you. This show is so awesome. Interesting that Tyler is going to defy Klaus.


Where is Katherine I miss her! I'm super glad that delena finally kissed I've been waiting 4 that kiss forever but I want stefan and katherine to get down and dirty they make a really steamy couple! Ah man Nina is 1 lucky girl (jealous)


Any Delena this week?!!


stefan AND elena! i can not take this anymore. he is only acting like this to protect everyone he loves. he still loves her, he still cares for his brother, thats why even when he worked for Klaus, he broke through and saved them. Just like now, he doesnt want them involved to get hurt. ARGH.


Love Caroline but what about Delena?

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Those hybrids. They're really bringing the neighborhood down.


Relax, brother. You want your hair to fall out?