The Vampire Diaries Picture Gallery: "Our Town"

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Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Caroline, happy birthday... oh, whoops. Sorry.

Yes, Caroline Forbes returns to The Vampire Diaries next Thursday night on the episode "Our Town" and, yes, the beloved character turns 18 -- but, no, she won't be in any mood to celebrate.

As a result, look for friends Elena and Bonnie to plan a party in an unusual location, while, elsewhere on the episode, Tyler disobeys an order from Klaus and Stefan threatens his main nemesis. View the official CW trailer now and then click through the following photos from the upcoming installment:

Turning 18!
Our Favorite Bromance
Matt in the Woods
A Drink for Damon
Tyler vs. Klaus
Damon and the Sheriff
Bonnie in Charge

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OMG @ Lauren its like were the same person! I am soooo done with stelena and I did love them but its glorified first love. I know its a triangle BUT...


Okay, I am just going to say this even though it will get me throttled by Stelena fans. I am definitely ready for Elena to close to book on Stefan. I hope that this scene between them is CLOSURE. I was very into their story in the beginning when TVD was new and there was nothing epic to compare it to. But now, it feels like a first love... The kind that you always hold onto slightly, but not as powerful as your LAST LOVE. Enter, Damon. I know that everyone has to defend their side of the salvatore triangle, but I sometimes feel like Stelena fans are not watching the same show as me. I feel like the electricity between Damon & Elena has been building since the beginning. I love the writing and am usually hanging on the edge of my seat to see what is going to happen between them next. With that said, does anyone know anything about Delena in this episode?


yay matt isn't dead... love caroline, hopefully they can fix their friendship.. sort of wished Matt had left instead of jer, but ep looks interesting... hope to get a dose of Klaroline soon :D


The next web clip for this episode better be with Caroline in it and yes @Riv a lot of people in the forum feel bad for Tyler. Your right nothing he has done is his fault because he has no true control over himself. But I'm glad he's starting to realize that.


Shame, does anyone else feel sorry for Tyler... The guy lost his father and uncle, and now Caroline and it's not his fault that he's sired... I love FORWOOD, they found each other when no-one wanted them... I just feel so bad for Tyler. I mean what's up with his friends (stupid Elena)just ditching him and calling him a lunatic instead of trying to help him. Surely his friends should understand...I mean Damon killed Mason, Vicki, Lexi, and a list of random other people, but everyone looks for ways to help him... Poor Tyler, so much for friendhsip...


I agree @jess,id like to see some more vampire violence going on.


This is the best birthday location they could come up with?? o well. i'll eat birthday cake while watching this episode lol


Can Matt leave so we can have more Caroline? Please?


Just heard that Julie Plec confirmed that the episode Our Town will feature a gut wrenching scene between Stefan and Elena.
In which stefan says: Destroying Klaus is all i have!
Elena; You had me stefan!


Sorry season 3 is just ok. Season 1 was the best. Loved when Damon was feeding on Caroline and she was such a busy body cheerleader.

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