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He's still very much in love with her,he just think things are never going to be the same between them,even when he left town with klaus he was still protecting her and she's still the one thing that is keeping him going,the one thing that has kept him from giving up and turning his humanity off,although he thought he lost her he was still loyal to her,he didn't develop feelings for anyone,even rebekah that he dated in the 20's could not pretend to care about her.


i loved this episode. when caroline was laying on her bed dying then klaus came in and said he would save her if she wanted to be saved and when klaus was saying that there are so many wonderful things worth living for like art music and other great things.when klaus said those things i thought that was very nice of him and it showed that klaus still has a heart even though he's been so evil the last 1,000 years.after caroline asked klaus to save her and when she woke up and saw that he left her a little black bock with a silver bracelet in it it made me think that klaus isn't 100% dont think stefan was going to kill elena because if he really wanted to he wouldn't have feds her his blood and that way when they went over she would become a vampire instead of just dying and i think he did that because he still loves her and doesn't want to loose her forever.i can't wait till the next episode it looks great.


I think that the orignal doppelganger is in the coffin. I think she may be a witch and maybe a member of klaus's family. Like a baby sister who wasn't born until after the curse? Klaus mother could have been pregnant when she cursed the family and if she was born a witch she wouldn't be able to curse her. Just a theory but it could be pretty interesting.


I totally agree that Klaus has a agenda. Yeah, he has a heart but NO he does not do something for nothing.

Can somebody PLEASE explain the absence of the other two siblings (Kol and Finn I hear)in the OV flashback episode explaining the start of their vampirehood? I mean, they couldn't have been born after as Klaus killed mom and dad couldn't procreate anyway because he became a vamp as well...soooo, where were they?

Suuuchhhhh a good Damon line "It is right. Just not right now". Excellent!

I was literally yelling at the TV during the Forwood kiss..."don't bite her! please don't bite her!"...then he did.

And, I am so baffled at Stefan's behavior. Is he a Ripper? Does he have his humanity? Is he trying to make Elena hate him?

Finally, great closure for Caroline and they can move on :-)


You know, you go into a TVD episode thinking, "whats gonna happen with Damon and Elena.. whats gonna happen with Stefan and Elena" and then you are blown away by a moment between Klaus and Caroline. Like many people have said, Caroline is always on the receiving end of amazing moments, but Klaus? Klaus surprised me last night. I am trying to figure out where the heck that came from and what it could possibly mean. I mean, we all know he has a human side, but why Caroline? I think that Klaus is so curious by the girl who would make Tyler say no to his Sired Master. Part of me thinks that he was fascinated by her for that reason. Another part of me thinks that he saw Tyler's silly charm bracelet (which obviously meant alot to Caroline) and wanted to top him, out of spite. Showing her that there really is more beauty out there, outside of Mystic Falls and high school romances. The bracelets are almost metaphoric for what he was saying to her. That she can have so much more.


I have a question. How can this show be so good? Between all the action and drama, they always make time to develope real relationships, focus on characters with deep personalities and complex problems. Amazing.

Caroline is incredible. Of course Tyler loves her. Everyone loves her. Even Klaus took 10 minutes of his precious time to come and cure her. And to top that, he took 10 more minutes of his precious time to buy her the most beautiful bracelet ever and deliver it with handwritten note. How cute is that? If she doesn't wear it, I will be really really mad. Btw, I wonder if it was deliberate how Klaus' impeccable taste in jewellery made Tyler's bracelet look kind of... silly.

Matt was super sweet this week. Bonnie was annoying and useless as usual. Not only she failed to open the coffin, but also gave crap to Elena and ruin Caroline's birthday/funeral in the process.

Loved Damon and Alaric, nothing new about that. Stefan blew me away. Making Klaus back down? Impressive.


"aside from the fact that, let's face it, who would NOT want to spend as much time as possible with that guy?" I LIKE THIS!

I think the person in the coffin is the Original body of Klaus being protected by some sort of spell.


I am pretty sure that in the coffin lies the original Petrova. I think that Mikael used her blood for the transformation, but it could also be Esther, the original witch. Ah, the theories! We'll just have to wait and see. :)

Is it me or Klaus is starting to be less of a villan? I think he does what he does because he is desperate to reunite his long lost family. And what is up with that scene between him and Caroline? Do I sense a supernatural triangle? This is getting interesting...

Is it wrong to want Elena to become a vampire? It would sure be such an exciting turn of events :).
I like the fact that Bonnie is getting a storyline, I love her! I am also quite upset because the writers turned one of my favourite characters in the book, Meredith, into a total BITCH! But there might be some good in it, maybe we'll have a new villan and Klaus will help our favourite characters to get rid of her. Oh, the DRAMA!


I think the original witch is in it or klus real father


i think that the person in the coffin is either the original doppelganger or the original witch,am not so sure about the original witch coz klaus and rebeka buried her when klaus killed her,rebekah said klaus helped her to bury the original witch,i don't think the original witch will come back coz it went against the balance of nature.I heard that at some point damon will be human again,even KW said it.

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