The Vampire Diaries Review: Here Lies a Great Episode...

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That was a damn good episode of The Vampire Diaries.

You want emotion? How about two fake funerals, as Caroline and Elena both took significant steps toward a new path in life?!? You want action? How about a high-speed chase across a bride to somewhere really dangerous, via a game of revenge-based chicken? You want shocking moments?

How about a decapitation? A murder? A declaration of love from Tyler that was immediately followed by a nearly deadly bite into Caroline's gorgeous neck?!? Oh yes. "Our Town" had it all, including tequila and cake, the touchstone of any birthday party.

Caroline Turns 18!

Let's start with Ms. Caroline Forbes. Seriously, is there anything more depressing than watching this typically cheery cheerleader (and third grade hop scotch champion!) in a bad mood? It's just not the way she's meant to be.

And who would have thought it would take Klaus, of all people, to put a smile back on her face? To force her to admit that life is very much worth living, especially with all the "genuine beauty" a vampire has access to over the centuries? But he can't really be making a move on Caroline... can he?!? We all know Klaus has a heart, this is not some one-note villain twirling his figurative mustache and cackling into the night. Still, the especially tender side we witnessed here came somewhat out of nowhere. I say the guy has an agenda.

Don't be blinded by the diamonds, C. Or by the fact that the love of your life apparently can't really control his actions. Be strong.

From a downtrodden 18-year old to a daring 154-year old... damn, Stefan. I would NOT want to see you across from me at a poker table. We could debate forever whether or not he actually would have driven Elena over that bridge, but I don't think Stefan even knows. He's fueled by rage, and vengeance and, yes, a broken heart. He's living moment to moment, not considering any actions except those that will put the hurt to Klaus.

Stefan may act all tough. He may claim protecting Klaus' siblings is his number-one goal and that saving Elena is Damon's problem now... but I don't buy it. It's a similar form of denial that many of us have gone through when we think we've lost our soulmate, only we put on Wilson Phillips CDs (right, guys?), get drunk and try to hit on every girl that walks by. Stefan turns off (dims down?) his humanity, locks his heart up and focuses solely on blood lust. Tomato. Tomat-uh-oh.

You know it's bad when even Damon is scared. I loved the scene when he pleaded with Klaus to do whatever Stefan says. It was another sign of how much Elena means to him, sure, but it was also emblematic of how frightened Damon is by an unpredictable Stefan.

And, Elena, we can all understand where she's coming from, right? Being with Stefan felt safe and secure. Being with Damon feels rebellious and, simply, wrong. It can be tough to accept you're no longer the innocent child who sees the world in black and white. Be excited, Delena fans. That faux funeral was Elena's way of realizing that life can be complicated and so can the man she smooched last week.

Elsewhere, what do we make of Dr. Fell? And the homicide that concluded the episode? I'm not sure why the sheriff would call on Damon for a regular murder (aside from the fact that, let's face it, who would NOT want to spend as much time as possible with that guy?), but it must have something to do with the fact that Brian the Medical Examiner covered for all those vampire kills by writing "animal attack" on various death certificates.

Is it random that we've never met these people before, considering Meredith is on the Counsel and Brian apparently played a huge role in town over the years? Yes. But... whatever. It's a new mystery, and an intriguing one at that. What would The Vampire Diaries be without unexpected cliffhangers that zig when you expect the show to zag?

Quick Bites:

  • Hey, we found a second use for Bonnie! She can cast spells to save the day, and she can light birthday candles.
  • Ladies, how many of you want to drink the Klaus Kool Aid?
  • Somewhere, Ric Flair is expecting royalties for Stefan stealing/paraphrasing his catchphrase. To beat the villain, you've got to be the better villain.
  • Last week, the kiss. This week, Tyler drops the L bomb. Are you trying to make the Internet explode, Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson?!?
  • It is right. It just isn't right now. Very well, played, Damon.
  • Okay, I give: what's in the locked coffin?!?
  • Let's take a look at next week's episode promo, shall we?


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Kitanishi h mcdonald

They have been saying NO to their feelings for this entire season
One episode elena is swooning and depressed over steffie, being mos ridiculously stupid by holding out to her stockholm syndrome pairing and next episode she just lets him go and kisses his brother. Real good job with characterizing her...not.
. That is just too high school for my taste buds.
and Damon Elena is not? Let's face it. Damon/Elena makes Chuck/Blair look healthy.
Both DE and SE right now are bassically TV versions of Bella/Edward. And thats yuck.
Real love happens over time and has ups and downs.
"Real love" is a chemical reaction in our brains that leads to sexual intercourse.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

I am seeing some things about Damon and Elena being a "forced" relationship. I feel like people who dislike them are just using any negative word they can find to prove a point. "Forced" does not even work.
Yes because hooking up a does-no-wrong-second-coming-of-jesus mary sue who cares with a serial killer and rapist who banged her mother and her identical ancestor, raped and abused one of her best friends and tried to bite the chunk out of another few times, forced blood down her throat, killed jeremy in front of her eyes, raped and abused that jenna's friend is obviously not forced.
They have been slowly building sexual tension since day 1.
First season? sure. Afterward the show has been runing on the actor chemistry alone, with every scene they are in being unfitting and awful.


2 ** episode at best!
Once again the Delena kiss gets ignored. After what appeared to be a huge turning point for the characters. Although they did manage to let Stelena say goodbye. Or as Stefan put it , " I lost you the minute I left town with him. You just haven't let yourself, admit that yet. " Can also be seen as a clear message to you Stelena fans. Move on... Klaus well he was ruined for me the moment he shed that tear. As the big bad, was a pussyboy longing for love. A true sign that the writers don't know the definition of evil. Or that they love that characteristic of both evil + good. That Damon, Katherine, Elijah, Stefan and now Klaus ALL HAVE SHOWN. TVD reminds me of the definition of insanity. What does that say about me ? The Originals or at least Elijah need to be on this show asap. Dr Fell bad and not intriguing at all. Bring on the big bad Witch already !!!


I think that Klaus thinks of Caroline as the sister that he killed, Rebekka. I would love for Klaus and Caroline to get together once and have a hybrid baby.


I am seeing some things about Damon and Elena being a "forced" relationship. I feel like people who dislike them are just using any negative word they can find to prove a point. "Forced" does not even work. They have been slowly building sexual tension since day 1. They have been saying NO to their feelings for this entire season. Elena is STILL saying no out of respect for Stefan. Elena has been in situations of life and death with these two brothers. She has been protected by, loved, and has PROTECTED Damon as well as Stefan. Damon has been her rock through it all and little by little, she is losing sight of why she couldn't love him just as much as Stefan, if not MORE. If you ask me, the only thing that ever felt forced was Stefan and Elena. He was drawn to her because she looked like Katherine and she was drawn to him because he was hot. That is just too high school for my taste buds. Real love happens over time and has ups and downs.


Easily the best show of the season, maybe longer. Its sad that the few remaining SE fans are so bias they aren't even watching the same show as the rest of us. Crazy. Anywho, I'm not sure what to make of Care and Klaus. He probably is using her but also needs to take care of someone since Bekah is staked. This could turn into something more but he wont be on forever and she n Steffie have a ton of chemistry....jus sayin. Loved the Delena scene and all Damons worries about his Elena. Love the last


I hated this episode so much! How could Stefan do that to Elena, it's totally not believable and it doesn't make any sense at all. He would never hurt her, as she's the love of his life! The writers are trying to make him bad but it doesn't work at all. I understand he wants revenge but he will always love Elena and would never hurt her. She should totally know that after everything he has done for her! As far as Damon and Elena, they are so forced and stupid and so not getting together. It would be so lame if they did.


I loved the episode for so many reasons! I am glad that your review acknowledged Stefan's broken heart. It was very telling when he told Elena "I lost you the day I left". Yes they are opening the door for DElena so they triangle will live another day. The writers attempt to make Elena bad ass still hasn't work though...she goes from I m tough to scared frequently. How beautiful was Caroline last night and I love Forwood just wish one couple could be happy. I thought the writers said Klaus would be the big bad it seems like he is becoming more human ....expressing his lonliness.


just when vampire diaries started getting boring, klaus/caroline came and swept me off my feet!!!! omg!! best couple ever


it must be the witch that created the hybrids in the locked coffin or the mum....

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