The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Our Town"

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The Vampire Diaries delivered a heart-wrenching, action-packed episode last night, one full of stunning admissions; near-death experiences; and, said in as creepy a voice as I can muster, murder.

Now, we invite fans to come along with our Round Table team Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi, Dan Forcella and Eric Hochberger as they relive "Our Town" and answer the most pressing questions related to the terrific installment...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Matt: So many from which I could choose... but for true shock value, it had to be Stefan beheading that hybrid. That guy is quicker than John Wall on the fast break! I didn't see the decapitation coming and I let out an audible laugh once it went down.

Steve: Stefan going completely off the rails with his indiscriminate, Klaus-esque hybrid slayings, followed by nearly driving off the bridge with Elena. Didn't part of you think he might do it? I would not have called that bluff, that's for sure.

Dan: I'm with Steve. Psychotic Stefan is so much fun, and no more so than while screaming at Klaus on speaker phone and speeding on to the bridge on which Elena's parents died. The dude has absolutely lost it, and it's extremely entertaining to watch.

Eric: Love the Klaus and Caroline scene. Thank you, Klaus, for getting our cheerleader back on her A game and wanting to, you know, live. But most importantly for saving her. Even though you're the one who put her there.

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Caroline and Klaus: YES! or WTF?

Matt: I'm torn. I wanna say WTF because, seriously... WTF?!? Since when was Klaus some romantic? But then I stop and realize that it's Caroline Forbes lying in bed and, come on, what guy/mythical creature would NOT be so taken with her that he wouldn't start spouting on about "genuine beauty?" It's staring him right in the face.

Steve: FTW. Who saw that one coming? Klaus, of all people, manipulates his charge into nearly killing Ms. Forbes, only to swoop in and save the day himself? Klaus always thinks ahead, so it's possible this is all a ruse, but it sure seemed heartfelt. Kudos to Joseph Morgan for keeping us guessing with a nuanced performance as a lethal supernatural being with a sensitive side. Is he an incredibly convincing liar? Lonely and longing for genuine companionship? Both? Who knows!

Eric: WTF. Yes, I realize that contradicts my last answer, but come on! Forwood FTW. Not that I blame Klaus for his amazing taste in women, but really, manipulating your own sired creature that's in love with her (and admitted this week!!) to attempt to kill her just to get in her pants with some weak sauce about art and music? Shame on you.

Dan: YESSSSSSS! My girl Caroline is way too good for Tyler. She needs someone awesome. Cue Klaus spitting his romantic, non-weak sauce game about traveling this beautiful world for all eternity. And then the jewelry? This guy might just be able to win anyone over... even if he is a psychotic hybrid king who kills anything and everything in sight.

Do you trust Dr. Fell?

Matt: She's best known for starring on Pretty Little LIARS. So... yeah. No.

Steve: No way. With a name like that, is there any doubt Alaric will be FELLED by her in the end? Sorry. But seriously, is there?

Dan: Not since she kidnapped Jamie Scott over on One Tree Hill. What's with the stake, though? If it was her that did it, is that going to be like her calling card?

Eric: I haven't trusted a doctor that pretty since Dr. Elliot Reid.  Plus, come on, that ex-boyfriend was just trying to do 'Ric a solid.  Alaric, do you really need another crazy?  Even if she didn't murder Brian... run!

Which fake funeral was more emotional?

Matt: I actually didn't really buy Caroline's. She's sad because of a break-up. We've all been there. Since when did she have to say goodbye to her human self? Pretty sure she did that awhile ago and proceeded to become awesome. But Elena is truly torn. She's been fighting the urge to be with Damon and was finally able to say goodbye to her innocent, child-like self on that bridge, the one who thought the world was all black and white. It's not. It's grey. Just like Damon... who, granted, often wears black. But my convoluted point remains.

Steve: I'll take the second. Flowers falling into the flowing stream below is more poignant than sitting around eating cake in a crypt as viewers wonder who's going to die next.

Dan: Yeah, come on. Can you get emotional from Elena and Matt?  Do robots have emotions? My favorite part of the Caroline funeral was when they were all hysterically laughing and immediately stopped when Tyler walked up. Talk about a buzzkill. No wonder Caroline is going to leave him for Klaus.

Eric: Well, if you're inferring that a scene between two cardboard cutouts on the bridge is one of two options, then clearly you really only give me one: Caroline's "birthday."

At what age would you most want to be stuck?
Matt: 22. It's the age I met my wife. (That's how it's done, fellas!)

Steve: 2. My son's default expression of utter euphoria over things such as pancakes, football, cats and the moon makes that time in one's life seem pretty fun.

Dan: 18 sounds about right. You could be a high school senior or college freshman for the rest of your life, which are both pretty good times.

Eric: 21. As flattering as I think it would be to get carded the rest of my life, lock me in. OTH, 17 would let me attend Mystic Falls high school every hundred years or so...

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Also everybody is jumping the gun on this Caroline and Klaus pairing after one scene! Are we that immature to go crazy over something we don't know where the writers are going with! Plus you all love Caroline but it seems like nobody really knows her character! The girl who's on the good side, loyal, who doesn't kill, feed on humans, loves her friends and family. The girl we saw grow up and become a hero and now you want her to date Klaus. So you either want Klaus to be good or Caroline to become bad. Both those options suck.


1. Fav scene!
The opening scene with the depressed Caroline, and Tyler giving her his necklase! The music, the feelings, the build up with C in the car! One of the best this season! The Stelena scene was pretty amazing to! :D
2. CaroLaus! WTF, of course! It was to fast introduced without any reason! Hope they reveal Klauses agenda soon!
3.Mer Fell!?
She has a double agenda! Seems she wanna expose the Vamps and Wolfes to th whole world! ! But she will probably get torned between Alaric and her mission!
4.Fake funeral!
Loved the way they introduced Caroline! They didn't try to let her go her way! They are her friends and there fo her she raised like a pheonix!
5. Vamp Age!?
25! It's the year when we reached our maximal strenght! U finished school! Ur in the right place for immortality!


Q1:Definately the Klaus/Caroline scene...I love it when the bad guy starts exposing his soft side. And it's not like i don't like her with Tyler (or Matt) but she and Klaus would be epic.
Q2:Obviously yes!!! I was really hoping for a love interst for Klaus!
Q3:No.And it's a pitty because Alaric doesn't need a psycho B@@@ch in his life after everything he's been through.
Q4:Caroline's for sure... She's stuck for eternity at 17... This is indeed a filler year. The year before you start following your path and taking life in your hands.
Q5: Maybe...30... Not there yet... but i imagine i would want to have had kids and experienced my studies and a career...


We should have the give Tyler a break club! 1)This poor guy had an abusive father.
2)a curse that made him hot tempered and aggressive.
3)Had the curse broken.
4)has gone through lots of pain turning into a werewolf.
5)Left to make Caroline happy even though he fell for her.
6)Got killed by Klaus and didn't ask to be turned.
7)Didn't ask to be sired.
8)wants to make Caroline #1 but can't!
9)Klaus ordered him to bite Caroline.
10)Tyler's all excited about saying no to Klaus and wants to put Caroline first and for the first time in his life he says I love you to girl that he loves! But he ends up biting her because of his sired bond! What a Tragedy!


Klaus and Caroline would be impossible unless Caroline has a brain transplant and goes to the dark side. Which would be kind of strange since she broke up with Tyler over him being sired to him. Also I just so the webclip to the next episode and when Damon said that him and Elena kissed. Well bonnie didn't have the best reaction so I can imagine how they would react to Caroline and Klaus. I think Elena might want to wake up Elijah to help compel her. lol Plus why does Caroline have to have a new love interest every single season! She had Damon, Matt and Tyler. The most on the show! She's not a merry go around folks when every one gets a ride! WTF Also read that Klaus will get a love interest toward the end of the season. But it doesn't mean he can't fall for someone. Also that someone will be like hell no or maybe.


I'v a question,is it only klaus's blood that can cure a wolf bite,what about any other hybrid?


@jamesC...Caroline wont be sired to Klaus. If just feeding on his blood did that then Damon would be sired as well, since it was klaus's blood that saved him when he was bit last season.

Strawberry fields

Dr. Fell - I smell a psycho from a mile away. Fake funerals - emotions aside, I liked Caroline's better. Especially after Bonnie left and everyone else got more drunk. Perfect age to be stuck? I would choose somewhere between 20 and now (now being 25 in my case).

Strawberry fields

Favourite scene - Stefan in crazy-land was awesome, but my number one is Klaus/Caroline scene. Actually apologizing for almost getting her killed? Admitting he thought his life had no point? Speech about the world, art, music and beauty waiting for her? Sweet little "happy birthday" at the end? If all that wasn't enough, the bracelet killed me. I'm such a girl. As for possible romantic thing between them - I don't know. At this point I'm still hoping for more Forewood. It seems weird to think of Klaus falling in love with someone, but who knows? I agree with Charlotte though - the story is much better in grey, instead of another "absolute good" vs "absolute bad" cliché. It's not true everyone wants to hate the villain. People love the villain.


This show is freaking amazing. It is the only show ever where I loved opposing couples.
I love Stefan and Elena AND I love Damon and Elena, they are both amazing couples that have had beautiful moments.
And for Caroline: it's official - I love her with anyone. I loved her with Matt, I love her with Tyler and if they go down that path I'd love her with Klaus. I'd probably even love her with Bonnie :D I don't know how this show does it, but all the couples are amazing.

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