The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Our Town"

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The Vampire Diaries delivered a heart-wrenching, action-packed episode last night, one full of stunning admissions; near-death experiences; and, said in as creepy a voice as I can muster, murder.

Now, we invite fans to come along with our Round Table team Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi, Dan Forcella and Eric Hochberger as they relive "Our Town" and answer the most pressing questions related to the terrific installment...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Matt: So many from which I could choose... but for true shock value, it had to be Stefan beheading that hybrid. That guy is quicker than John Wall on the fast break! I didn't see the decapitation coming and I let out an audible laugh once it went down.

Steve: Stefan going completely off the rails with his indiscriminate, Klaus-esque hybrid slayings, followed by nearly driving off the bridge with Elena. Didn't part of you think he might do it? I would not have called that bluff, that's for sure.

Dan: I'm with Steve. Psychotic Stefan is so much fun, and no more so than while screaming at Klaus on speaker phone and speeding on to the bridge on which Elena's parents died. The dude has absolutely lost it, and it's extremely entertaining to watch.

Eric: Love the Klaus and Caroline scene. Thank you, Klaus, for getting our cheerleader back on her A game and wanting to, you know, live. But most importantly for saving her. Even though you're the one who put her there.

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Caroline and Klaus: YES! or WTF?

Matt: I'm torn. I wanna say WTF because, seriously... WTF?!? Since when was Klaus some romantic? But then I stop and realize that it's Caroline Forbes lying in bed and, come on, what guy/mythical creature would NOT be so taken with her that he wouldn't start spouting on about "genuine beauty?" It's staring him right in the face.

Steve: FTW. Who saw that one coming? Klaus, of all people, manipulates his charge into nearly killing Ms. Forbes, only to swoop in and save the day himself? Klaus always thinks ahead, so it's possible this is all a ruse, but it sure seemed heartfelt. Kudos to Joseph Morgan for keeping us guessing with a nuanced performance as a lethal supernatural being with a sensitive side. Is he an incredibly convincing liar? Lonely and longing for genuine companionship? Both? Who knows!

Eric: WTF. Yes, I realize that contradicts my last answer, but come on! Forwood FTW. Not that I blame Klaus for his amazing taste in women, but really, manipulating your own sired creature that's in love with her (and admitted this week!!) to attempt to kill her just to get in her pants with some weak sauce about art and music? Shame on you.

Dan: YESSSSSSS! My girl Caroline is way too good for Tyler. She needs someone awesome. Cue Klaus spitting his romantic, non-weak sauce game about traveling this beautiful world for all eternity. And then the jewelry? This guy might just be able to win anyone over... even if he is a psychotic hybrid king who kills anything and everything in sight.

Do you trust Dr. Fell?

Matt: She's best known for starring on Pretty Little LIARS. So... yeah. No.

Steve: No way. With a name like that, is there any doubt Alaric will be FELLED by her in the end? Sorry. But seriously, is there?

Dan: Not since she kidnapped Jamie Scott over on One Tree Hill. What's with the stake, though? If it was her that did it, is that going to be like her calling card?

Eric: I haven't trusted a doctor that pretty since Dr. Elliot Reid.  Plus, come on, that ex-boyfriend was just trying to do 'Ric a solid.  Alaric, do you really need another crazy?  Even if she didn't murder Brian... run!

Which fake funeral was more emotional?

Matt: I actually didn't really buy Caroline's. She's sad because of a break-up. We've all been there. Since when did she have to say goodbye to her human self? Pretty sure she did that awhile ago and proceeded to become awesome. But Elena is truly torn. She's been fighting the urge to be with Damon and was finally able to say goodbye to her innocent, child-like self on that bridge, the one who thought the world was all black and white. It's not. It's grey. Just like Damon... who, granted, often wears black. But my convoluted point remains.

Steve: I'll take the second. Flowers falling into the flowing stream below is more poignant than sitting around eating cake in a crypt as viewers wonder who's going to die next.

Dan: Yeah, come on. Can you get emotional from Elena and Matt?  Do robots have emotions? My favorite part of the Caroline funeral was when they were all hysterically laughing and immediately stopped when Tyler walked up. Talk about a buzzkill. No wonder Caroline is going to leave him for Klaus.

Eric: Well, if you're inferring that a scene between two cardboard cutouts on the bridge is one of two options, then clearly you really only give me one: Caroline's "birthday."

At what age would you most want to be stuck?
Matt: 22. It's the age I met my wife. (That's how it's done, fellas!)

Steve: 2. My son's default expression of utter euphoria over things such as pancakes, football, cats and the moon makes that time in one's life seem pretty fun.

Dan: 18 sounds about right. You could be a high school senior or college freshman for the rest of your life, which are both pretty good times.

Eric: 21. As flattering as I think it would be to get carded the rest of my life, lock me in. OTH, 17 would let me attend Mystic Falls high school every hundred years or so...

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My favourite scene was when stefan told elena that he lost her the moment he left with klaus,it was really heartbreaking and that scene in the car,my heart nearly stop beating.Caroline and klaus as a couple=lame move,but i think klaus has some mysterious agenda,that guy is very smart.I don't buy any of those funeral,they are all sad and confused.Lastly they gotta bring katherine back and create an interesting storyline for her.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?: definitely enjoying psycho-Stefan
Caroline and Klaus: contrary to some opinions, I don't want a villain I just hate. I'd much prefer a complex villain over the whole black and white, good and evil option. That's not to say I want to see a relationship between them, but I think it'd add another layer to Klaus to make him interested in her.
Do you trust Dr. Fell: no, but I am intrigued.
Which fake funeral was more emotional: I really liked seeing them all laughing hysterically - such a rarity on this show! I also feel like Elena's bit about feeling stuck makes sense - so much has changed in her life over the last year and a half (or however long it was that her parents died before the start of season 1).
Age: I wouldn't want to stay one age forever, but if I had to choose - college age.


1. Klaus/Caroline
2. WTF?! I'd like to see more scenes but it's way OOC for Car to hook up with Klaus.
3. No
4. Neither was that emotional but Car's was 10x better.


What I really want to know is whether now that Klaus has saved her life is Caroline sired to him??????????????


klaus and caroline is so wroooooong. forwood FTW

Kitanishi h mcdonald

At what age would you most want to be stuck? I would not. Immortality is boring and depressing thing. Its not something to be enjoyed and I do not agree on how this show portrays immortals as not having changed. Living through centuries, HUNREDS of years, thousands, should change you. Should make you detach from human emotions since all your bonds eventually wither and die. I am disappointed in how this show portrays immortality so far and I for one would never ever want to be "stuck". It might seem cool, but I doubt anyone would say that after hundred or thousand years of that.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Favorite Scene? Pretty much Every caroline scene, starting with the one in her car. She is such an awesome character. pretty much the only relatable one.
Caroline and Klaus I'll go with a mix between WTF and HELL NO. It would completely and ruin BOTH characters. Klaus should NOT have love interests. He is damn villain. MAKE him be a villain and not guy. Viewers want to HATE villains.
Do you trust Dr. Fell? Who? Oh that new doctor girl. Don't care about her. She is too boring and way too far away from the awesomeness of the book character she is supposedly based upon.
Which fake funeral was more emotional? Frankly? Neither. The only response an empty character-less cardboard mary sue like Elena can give me is insomnia-curing sleep from boredom.

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