The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Ties That Bind"

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A pair of family reunions dominated the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries, while Stefan showed some heart and Alaric displayed some stupidity.

Which scene stood out the most? How excited are we to welcome back Elijah? Join Round Table panelists Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi, Dan Forcella and Eric Hochberger now as they break down "The Ties That Bind..."


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Matt: Abby texting to Bonnie while the random hybrid dude stood nearby. She made Leonardo DiCaprio in The Descendants look like a text messaging amateur!

Steve: As Matt sums up very well in his review, there's almost too much going on from which to choose, or know what to invest ourselves in at this point. I was probably most interested in Tyler's storyline, though. Can Caroline's dad really fix him, and will he be the key to bringing down Klaus if so? It makes one wonder, and half-close one's eyes during every terrifying transition scene.

Dan: My favorite was Stefan's reaction to finding out about the kiss.  At first it seems he's in shock, which is why he just walks away quietly, but then he gets angry and gives his bro a good right hook to the jaw.

Eric: Sure, it's cheesy to pick the obligatory TVD cliffhanger as my favorite scene, but the second I saw that dagger in Damon's hand I eagerly thought... Elijah!? And they delivered to a giddy fan.

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Did you feel bad for Stefan when Elena told him about the kiss?

Matt: I did. It's been clear for a couple weeks now that Stefan is in denial. Of course he has the same feelings for Elena as always, he's just been acting out and focusing on Klaus because he didn't want to face the harsh, snark-filled reality: she's fallen for Damon.

Steve: I had mixed emotions, which speaks to the brilliance of this love triangle and the performance of all the actors (I'll elaborate more in question #4).

Dan: I did. I don't really know why, because he's been an absolute ass hole as of late, but I felt bad for the guy. The bro code is one thing, but the actual brother code puts things on a whole other level. As much as he knew Damon wanted Elena all this time, I bet he never actually considered something happening between them. It was pretty heart-wrenching.

Eric: Since FIOS decided I didn't need those 10 seconds, I cannot possibly answer this based on his actual reaction. But, either way, yes! Poor guy threw away his humanity to save Damon, only for him to violate the bro(ther) code.

Stupider course of action: Alaric telling Meredith about his ring; Elena leaving out the sheet that identified Abby; or Abby not thinking ahead when she took Jaime in years ago?

Matt: Abby taking in Jaime. Look, there are certain precautions you need to take when you're a powerless witch on the run. Foremost among them: do not invite others to live under your roof in case your past one day catches back up to you and a half-vampire/half-werewolf compels your quasi son to take action that threatens multiple lives. This is Former Powerful Witchery 101.

Steve: Alaric was distracted by Dr. Fell's hotness and Abby was dealing with some pretty significant external factors at the time, so both of them can be forgiven. Elena leaving out the sheet would never happen in real life, though. No one involved in any sort of covert activity would commit a blunder that obvious, save for O.J. leaving one bloody glove he wore while murdering his wife at his house and the other at hers. The Juice may have been acquitted, but in having Elena leave evidence simply to lead Stefan to her, TVD writers are guilty of a semi-weak plot device.

Dan: It has to be Alaric telling Meredith about his ring. This is life and death. He has that ring to protect him from dying, and whether he thinks the good doctor is a supernatural or not, he should tell no one about his life-saving ring. What a moron.

Eric: Hotness or not, you save talk about your live-saving ring for pillow talk! Everyone knows you can only trust a woman after...

More welcome return: Elijah, Bill Forbes or a semblance of humanity in Stefan?

Matt: I'm not sure if it makes sense within the show itself - didn't Elijah prove his loyalty to Stefan on the season two finale? - but gotta go with the obvious answer here: good to see you, E.

Steve: The latter. Ancillary characters come, go, die and come back to life so haphazardly that I'm rarely surprised, even by the better ones. I love the many layers of Stefan, however. Will his humanity ultimately win out? Will he snap and go off the rails like a bloodthirsty sociopath again? Paul Wesley and the writers are great at keeping us guessing every week.

Dan: Elijah! The dude is completely awesome. It really doesn't matter who he sides with, now that he's awake, he's going to be as cool and ruthless as ever, and it's going to be amazingly fun to watch. Did you see that heart-ripping bit? There will be more of that to come, and I welcome that more than anything else.

Eric: Did I not answer this with number-one? Elijah! I love me some HRG  as much as the next former Heroes fan, but the Originals are a little more developed in my TVD heart.

Is Elena really better than both Salvatore brothers?

Matt: Is that really the point? We can't help who we fall in love with, can we? If the question were as simple as with whom we were best matched ethically, Elena would still be with Matt. But that guy is so boring I fell asleep before finishing this sentence.

Steve: If you define "better" as not having slaughtered hundreds of innocent people during various "ripper" phases throughout life, then yeah.

Dan: No. I paraphrase Zachery Ty Bryan in the movie First Kid when I say that I don't think Elena is better than... anybody. And even if she was, you can't be better than Damon and Stefan Salvatore. Well, unless you're Klaus, then you are just God's gift to earth, and you can do no wrong in my book.

Eric: Sorry Elena, nobody is better than Damon. Nope, Dan, not even Klaus.

Which is more painful, transforming into a werewolf or giving birth?

Matt: Transforming into a werewolf, no doubt.

Steve: Transforming into a werewolf, hands down.

Dan: Transforming into a werewolf, without question.

Eric: Transforming into a werewolf, d'uh.

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1) It might just be my inner fan-girl making a jump, but I very much enjoyed Bonnie confronting Elena about her pseudo-relationship with Damon. It’s nice to see those two remaining somewhat normal and being able to talk about boys on road trips. Plus, Damon’s “We kissed, now it’s weird.�? Classic. 2)Weirdly, yes. Kudos to the writers on actually making us feel that way about a character, that has shown his unmasked evil side to us countless of times over the last few weeks now. He can slaughter as many innocent party-twister-girls he wants, when the love of his life kissed the brother HE saved, that vampire was sad… 3)Obviously Alaric telling that doctor about his ring, which came completely out of the nowhere. Even after Damon warning him about her being a potential psychopath, he didn’t hesitate even one second to tell her his biggest career secret? That doctor cures people with vampire blood! She’ll steal your ring in no time, Ric, just you watch.


4)Have to go with Elijah here. We all knew that Stefan had lingering thoughts about his human-esque life in Mystic Falls and Bill Forbes wasn’t my favorite character when he tortured poor Caroline.
Elijah on the other hand... 5) “Better� as in: Not yet murdered people for fun? Why yes.
But didn’t she just bury her old high-school-self? She’s crossing over to the dark side. Fast. 6) Random. Of course you guys would go with the latter… Where did all the female reviewers go?


Leonardo DiCaprio in The Descendants…? Did you mean The Departed?
1. Favourite scene was when Tyler was trying to break his sire bond to Klaus.
2. I did feel bad for Stefan, I hate how Elena acts so innocent in every situation. Does anyone else think Elena needs less screen time? She's not even crucial to the plot right now.
3. I think it's a tie for Abby and Alaric, Elena makes clumsy decisions all the time.
4. Elijah, but Bill Forbes was a close second! I went and watched some Heroes (Season one, of course!) after the episode. Love me some Noah!
5. The Salvatore brothers, I adore. Elena I want to slap every time she interferes. Ugh, she believes everything that goes on is her business. Elena, you may be a Doppelganger, but keep out of the witch/vampire/hybrid/werewolf problems.
6. Transforming into a werewolf!


1. Damon pulling the dagger from the back of his pants, and cut to Elijah.
2. Didn't feel bad for Stefan, after all, he left the protecting Elena duties to Damon, plus he and Damon had these same issues with Katherine.
3. Alaric telling Meredith about the ring. Boy was that dumb. Even if she's not supernatural, she could probably still kill you with your own stakes, Alaric. She be crazy.
4. Elijah.
5. I'm going to pretend that line wasn't uttered.
6. Giving birth to a werewolf.


In asnwereing all the above questions directly and indirectly.....Elijah Elijah Elijah Elijah Elijah Eiljah...........Am I a fan of Elijah!!!!!what do you think????????????? lol


I love how they asked a question about giving birth v. turning into a werewolf to a panel of all guys.


I love how they asked a question about giving birth v. turning into a werewolf to a panel of all guys.


the last question came out of the blue, obviously our panelists are guys so they have the same answer, transforming into a werewolf,cute. . .


what with the stelena and delena rubbish?! TVD is way beyond this and with things like these u only get yourself confused and get the writer to do things that will discourage pple from watching.i think loving the the characters is better than telling the writers of tvd what to do when it comes to pairin. I think whatever they do will be fine by everone.


4. Welcomed return
ELIJAH!!!!!!!!! The fangirl in me died just a little when I saw that dagger and then Elijah ripping that hybrid's heart out. Does this mean Katherine will come back, too? 5. Elena vs. Salvatore brothers
The only thing I hated from that Stelena exchange was Stefan's closing line. Elena better than the brothers? At least Katherine owns up to all the wrong things she'd done and can be unapologetic about them. Elena doesn't have the blood of thousands on her hands, sure, but she's a psycho control freak in her own way (mind controls Jeremy anyone?) 6...... No comment

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