Tyler Tortured: Michael Trevino Previews New Vampire Diaries Episode

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So much for that happy state of being a hybrid, huh?

Tyler Lockwood learned last week on The Vampire Diaries that there are a handful of negatives to his new status, namely his lack of free will and the resulting teeth marks it left on poor Caroline. So what will he do about it on tonight's "The Ties That Bind?"

Look for Jack Coleman to return as Bill Forbes, and for Tyler to actually embrace the sort of torture this character brought down on his daughter when as last saw him on "Disturbing Behavior," as teased in this trailer:

"[Bill] was able to resist compulsion so [Tyler] figures not only is he the [father of the] girl he wants to be with, but maybe he can teach me some way to resist the sire bond to Klaus," Michael Trevino tells TV Guide of what brings these two together.

But don't expect Tyler to be cured too quickly, fans. He won't be back on Caroline's arms this evening.

Bill "goes through the list of what needs to be done and it's not going to happen overnight," Trevino says. "The sire bond is a lot stronger than anyone could've imagined... it'll be awhile before Tyler can resist and confront Klaus about it."

So at least Tyler is no longer ignorant to his quasi master's ways, right? He realizes the collateral damage that always results from Klaus' plans? Yes. Concludes the actor:

"He sees how evil Klaus is and maybe this is a curse upon the curse he already has of being a werewolf."


such a great way to create drama between forwood but also to show Tyler loves her that much he'll try and do anything for her.


Quit hating on Tyler!


Come on,I need Forwood back!!!!!! Miss them :-(


Oh no.. Bill returns! I sriously hate him! but okay..he is 'needed' :-)


Yeah, I think it's actually Tyler who calls Bill.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

wait, how is Damon a rapist? serial rapist. and abusive person. Why? Caroline. Andie.

Kristi potter

To me it sounds like Tyler asked for Bill's help. If this is the case, then it isn't hypocritical. It actually is empowering for Tyler. It means he is trying to find a better way, so he can choose his own path.


wait, how is Damon a rapist? I haven't seen him force or even compel anyone to sleep with him. I'm pretty sure no one would turn him down anyway ;)


must say I agree with @BoredNow ! It's hipocritical to call Bill for Tyler but not do it for Stefan or Damon XD! But in this gang the only importans is that none of Elenas sweethearts are dead, the rest of the world can fall apart! And Damon-Stefan where not a threath for "TheGang" at least since Damon fall for Elena!
But did Tyler called Bill or did Liz called him? Intersting how long will stretch this torture!


Can not wait! I love Thursdays

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