The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Going After Abby...

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What's going on with you two?
We kissed. Now it's weird.

So says Damon to Bonnie in the following clip from "The Ties That Bind," Thursday's all-new episode of The Vampire Diaries.

As the official promo makes clear, this installment will feature the return of Abby Bennett, the birth mother Bonnie has not seen in 15 years. Can she help her daughter open the mysterious, locked coffin hiding out in the old witches' house? That's the plan/hope.

Get an early look at the episode below, as Bonnie and Elena sort through paperwork and then Damon comes in to rescue the day... as only he can.

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Really?then what did damon actually say?that he's sorry for killing lexie?nope,i remember the scene u are talking about,damon was asking stefan that it seems like elena had a change of attitude,how did he get through to her,then stefan said he told her a little story about when he was making the wrong decisions and someone showed him that there was another way,damon said lexie and stefan responded back "yeah lexie,you remember her" and damon's expression showed sign of guiltness but he didn't say anything to stefan.


Nope Stefelena, check back to season to, the dinner party, when they daggered Elijah. You're talking to a person who breathes TVD


I'm sorry Dr fell but when did damon ever apologize for killing lexie?which episode?i only knew that he feel guilty when stefan reminded him of her in "the dinner party" but damon has never apologize for killing her,he has never apologize for anything he has ever done to stefan except in S2 finalé when he was dying,he told elena to tell stefan that he's sorry for blaming him for 145 years while it was actually his fault not stefan's.


Exactly he felt the council was threatened by Caroline's dad, so some part of him must care for Liz and Carol. He never wanted to kill her dad, he wanted to torture him. Damon is no saint and he shouldn't have to be, he's not Stefan. He apologised for killing Lexi, that's when he wanted revenge, kinda like what Stefan wants now and is willing to sacrifice anyone to get it.

David and sabrina 2014

Some things can go pretty out of control in the show. It may be shocking for Bonnie to see her mother, but strange and mysterious for them to open the coffins. Some events may get shocking to me but I mostly want to find out what else happens. =| =O =P


Damon is such a pompus ASS and I cannot understand how Elena cannot see that! So, now he's bragging about kissing Elena to all her friends? That's so lame. Elena should slap him and never kiss him again.


clip of stefan & damon courtesy of the cw:


I will forgive Damon anything because the characters on the show forgive Stefan anything. There's always some excuse for Stefan.


Hey dr. Fell if I don't recall Damon tried to kill Caroline's dad. Damon is no saint. And if it wasn't for him killing Lexi, Stefan probably wouldnt be down this path.


yes, stefan might have gone off the rail,but let us also not forget that stefan is in this mess coz he cares about elena's feelings.yes, he went with klaus bcos he wanted to save his brother, but also bcoz he wanted to give elena a life free from vampire.lets not also forget that elena told stefan that she doesn't want to be a vampire( season 2) she wants to grow old and have children,so from what i am seeing here he is obviously puttin her feelings first.pls don't get me wrong,am a huge fan of damon but not just a fan of Delena. I miss Elijah.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Damon: What's her damage?
Alarc: No damage.
Damon: Come on, Ric. It's a fact of life. A girl that smart, that hot? Damaged.

Bonnie: What's going on with you two?
Damon: We kissed. Now it's weird.