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Can Elena please bump her head or something. This is getting annoying with her denying that she interested in Damon. Let's move the triangle along please. Stefan could have driven her over the bridge last week and she would still be sitting there like nothing happend. I'm starting to feel like both of the brothers deserve better.

Oh the other hand...I am happy the Bonnie is getting something to do this week. Kat looks extra pretty and they did a good job casting Persia White as her mother who looks like she could be an older sister. Can't wait.


That's hilarious.

Damon: We kissed. Now it's weird.

Like it's plain as day. Love Ian Somerhalder's delivery.


Please, Katherine remind yourself that Stefan is lost.
Seduce Damon or let anybody of the originals compel
him, and leave Mysric Falls with him as soon as you
Elena is killing me..
I would let him go anywhere..


In the defense of Elena she is still "falling for vampires" (her Wickery Bridge reflections to Matt). In the world of grey, you can be in love with two or more people. The part of her in the past sees black and white and you can't fall for two fictitious vampires. Therefore, unlike what Julie Plec said about Elena letting go, she really isn't capable of making the leap from Stefan to Damon so easily.

That's my Two Loonies.


Damon is awesome!


You've got to love Damon! He is always so honest and open about his feelings for her. And Elena should really stop denying that she has feelings for him too!


I mean Elena,come on!Damon was right telling about the kiss,it's about time you admit you love him,everybody knows Elena,everybody!Can't you be true to yourself,I mean why torture yourself like this you fool!


I dont know how is possible to be so stupid as Elena. Damon is so lovely, so helpful, hes doing all for Elena. If he must, or can, he would lay down his life for Elena. I dont know how she can hold off her emotion for him. Because it seen that she has some emotion (emotions which are connection with love!) for Damon !

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