The Vampire Diaries Sneak Preview: "Bringing Out the Dead"

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The Vampire Diaries may be taking a week off next Thursday, but at least last night's "The Ties That Bind" gave fans something juicy to ponder until we wait for the show's February 2 return:

Elijah. Oh, yes, he's back.

What sort of impact will this Original have on "Bringing Out the Dead?" It's unclear, but the official CW synopsis teases a dinner party thrown by Klaus on the episode, one that will reveal more family secrets and then get interrupted by "an unexpected guest."

Elsewhere, look for Sheriff Forbes to deliver disturbing news to Alaric and Elena; while Stefan seeks help from Bonnie and Abby; and Caroline does all she can to prevent a tragedy from taking place.

As you await the new episode, remember to browse through our Vampire Diaries music section and ruminate on what's ahead in our show forum!

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Im glad elijah is back, well at least for a little while...i love joseph morgan as well. I just hope they learn to develop these storylines a little bit better.....also love damon and stefanas well.


a week without TVD, why?. . . I'm so happy Elijah is back though, and I'm pretty sure the episode will be good, can't wait to know more about the Originals.


WTF? another hiatus??? Why are all the fing shows taking so many breaks this year??? We already waited two months for one episode! GDmn!


OMG i can not believe Elijah is back :D I loved him. I wonder what the news is going to be probably about jeremy being dead or missing I hope not i love him


I Love the idea that Elijah is back... he is badass!!! I dont like Carolina she is useless I dont like her charcter is totally dull with no story to tell. I Love Damon and Elena kiss but what I love more is that Stefan is jelous!!!


Wait what?! I was too distracted by Elijah's new hair style!!! Who staked bill? More importantly who will now help Tyler???


wouldn't caroline's dad being killed right after being injected damon's blood turn him into a vampire?


omg caroline's dad has a stack through his heart =( hope it doesnt have to do with tyler, but its probably meredith


Jer is prob missing... he never went to denver and he still has his memories. Or klaus has him

L stefan

as much as i hate to say it, sherif forbes news for elena and alaric will be about jeremy..and it wont be good..

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