The Vampire Diaries Clip: Get Ready and Get Happy!

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It looks like we asked the wrong question after viewing the latest Vampire Diaries promo for "Bringing Out the Dead."

Can there be a truce? That clearly won't be the issue of next Thursday's new episode... because Damon has no intention on actually agreeing to one.

The CW has released a new clip from the February 2 installment. In it, Damon explains to Stefan exactly why he un-daggered Elijah and then goes on to outline his plan for a "fake truce," along with the way in which he hopes to open the mysterious coffin. Watch now and try to decide:

Can Elijah really be trusted? Is there any chance this scheme works?

NOTE: I'll be speaking to Daniel Gillies later today. Return to TV Fanatic in a few hours for scoop from Elijah himself!

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I agree with a lot of you. I can't understand people hating some of the characters. They are all thrown in the mix to create the show as a whole. I love Stephan and Damon but they are so different, Damon has got an intense and intriguing way about him you can't help but like him and Stephan has got a gentle, caring and sexy way about him. Give 'em a break, they're all great characters and they all do a great job!!!!

Lord of winter

Also why do fans who ship Delena, Who like Stefan want him to end up with Kathrine of all people. While that be a interesting pairing to see, I rather see Steroline. But what do I know, I look foreword to tonight's episode.

Lord of winter

I like Stefan the best, I really confused why so meany people dislike him. Also why they want Damon to forsake his brother for Elena. Answer me this question is true love abandoning you little brother.Who gave up everything to save you, forever ruing his changes at happiness for the person he loves. On numerous occasions? I keep watching this show for Caroline and Stefan.But It's nice to hear the some Delena,Don't want Stefan to hurt that badly.


oh.. Damon Damon Damon.. you were so the best character on that show. I miss that.
but, like always - snaps for Stefan stepping it up. He is slowly but surly is making his way to the top of my list. As long as Stelena NEVER happens again and he NEVER goes back to whining and brooding - he will be giving Damon a good run for his money!


@Amie: Its actually a well known saying, if it was real love there wouldn't be another. Your obviously dedicated to your couple. I also prefer Delena because its so deep, but its meant to be


I agree with you! Stefan and Elena are highschool sweethearts. They will both grow out of this highschool romance whereas in my opinion Damon and Elena are the real deal.


@becca, you should always choose your second love?! What Elena and Stefan have is definitely not first love, it's real love!


Stefan and Elena were first love, but you should alwayz choose the second. If you really loved the first there wouldn't be a second. Stefan needed her to stay the same for it to wotk, she is changing and growing...why Delena should be endgame imo


for me its always going to be stelena and i still believe in them.I love both brothers but stefan is my favourite."Its you and me stefan,always"


Oh gosh, its hard to choose between the two brothers, yet I still believe that Stefan and Elena are real and true love.

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