Vampire Diaries Episode Pics: The Return, Wrath of Elijah

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Elijah made a brief return to The Vampire Diaries last Thursday night, but he makes his presence officially felt on the February 2 installment, "Bringing Out the Dead."

Much to the chagrin of Damon Salvatore.

Indeed, while VD fans across the globe couldn't be happier that this Original is back in the land of the living, Damon may feel differently, considering the situations he'll apparently find himself in next week, as evidenced by the episode photos just released by The CW.

Click through them now to see Elijah taking control, Klaus taking revenge and Caroline taking in Dr. Fell...

Elijah vs. Damon
Dr. Fell on Vampire Diaries
Bill Forbes and Daughter
Damon and Elijah
Getting Very Hot in Here
Elijah and Klaus
Klaus vs. Stefan
Fiery Rivals
Hungry Klaus
Elijah is Back!
A Sizzling Vampire

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ITA with liouuh, guys on this show are really all good-looking! Ian, Paul, Joseph and now David...Like I said in another post, Elijah's hair looks so much better now than last s2, the person who does the casting has a good eye and taste in men!


@master milkmik that true and he looks good with it. Can't stop loving him.


Did you notice that Elijah got his hair cut while dead!? that is some quality treatment!!!!


My husband noticed that The vampire diaries is maybe the only TV-show where the men look much better than the women. And what should i say, he`s right. (my appologies to Nina) Thank god for Ian and also Paul, Joseph, Michael and David. I´m addicted to you. When you all are all over Elena or Katherine, there are a lot of girls i pressume, who wants to be


10 days!

Uncle jackass

It's the Older Brothers Vs the Younger Brothers.


I can't wait to see this episode!!! Klaus is hosting a dinner party at the manision

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